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Calendar for 27.09.2023

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London, GB

Line-Up (2012):

UNKLE (photo)

James Lavelle
Pablo Clements

Former Members:

Richard File (1999-2008)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Time Has Come
2.Psyence Fiction31.08.1998Mo'Wax4 107
3.Never Never Land22.09.2003Mo Wax24
4.Edit Music for a Film21.06.2005
5.Self Defence12.09.2006Global Underground
6.War Stories
produced by: Chris Goss
02.07.2007Surrender All58
7.More Stories and War Stories: Instrumentals05.02.2008Inertia
8.End Title... Stories For The Film07.07.2008Surrender All70
9.Remix Stories Volume One
15.09.2008Surrender All
10.End Titles... Redux15.12.2008
11.Remix Stories, Volume 203.05.2009Surrender All
12.Where Did The Night Fall
10.05.2010Surrender All42
13.The Answer10.09.2010Surrender All
14.Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out
27.05.2011Surrender All
15.Trance Film26.03.2013Surrender All
16.Live At Metro
17.The Road: Part 118.08.2017Songs For The Def16
18.The Road Pt 2 / Lost Highway3/2019 Songs For The Def33

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Time Has Come (Remixes)09.01.1995Mo Wax73
2.Berry Meditation (Attica Blues mix)03.03.1997Mo' Wax clear vinyl
Berry Meditation31.03.1997Mo'Wax
3.Rabbit In Your Headlights12.10.1998Mo'Wax
4.Guns Blazing
produced by: DJ Shadow
12.10.1998white label
5.Be There (Underdog mixes )
& Ian Brown
6.Narco Tourists
& Slam
7.An Eye For An Eye / Have You Passed Through This Night (Unkle "Eye For An Eye" variation mix)25.08.2003Mo Wax31
An Eye For An Eye (Tyrant remix)08.09.2003Mo Wax
8.In A State03.11.2003Island44
In A State (Meat Katie & Elite Force remix)03.11.2003Mo Wax
In A State (Sasha remix)
10.11.2003Mo Wax
9.James Lavelle: Rominia #026
(No One Knows (UNKLE reconstruction) / Flow (False Prophet mix) / GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored mix) / Reign / Invasion (Medway's Eva Coast To Coast mix)
/ Golden Path (Ewan's Rave Hell dub))
& Chemical Brothers & Queens Of The Stone Age & PFN & DJ Shadow
01.03.2004Global Underground
feat Ian Brown
15.11.2004Mo Wax40
Reign (RJD2 vocal mix, Three AM's Black Swan vocal mix, Morgan Geist Delayed Gratification mix)
feat Ian Brown
27.12.2004Global Underground
11.Self Defence EP
(What You Are To Me / These Days (Sasha's Involver mix) / Reign (Trafik's Stoned Rose mix) / Reign (Way Out West instrumental) / I Need Something Stronger (Dan F remix))
13.11.2006Global Underground
12.Unkle Surrender Sounds Sessions 3 & 4
& Autolux & Black Mountain
30.04.2007Surrender Sounds
13.Night's Temper EP
(A Prelude To War Stories) (Chemistry / Morning Rage /Persons & Machinery /Mayday)
14.05.2007All Surrender
14.Burn My Shadow
feat Ian Astbury
25.06.2007Surrender All
15.Hold My Hand / Can't Stop / Burn My Shadow (Radio Slave remix) / Heaven22.10.2007Surrender Sounds
16.Restless / Blade In The Back
feat Josh Homme
17.03.2008Surrender All
17.Remix Stories - Vol 24/2009 Surrender All
18.Cowboys Or Indians2016
19.Sick Lullaby2/2017

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