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Dublin, Ireland
*  3/1970

Line-Up (2016):

THIN LIZZY (photo)

Ricky Warwick - voc
Scott Gorham - g
Damon Johnson - g
Darren Wharton - kb
Micky Dee - ds

Former Members:

Eric Bell (g, 3/70-12/73); Gary Moore (g, 1-4/74, 7/78-7/79); Andy Gee (g, 4-6/74); John Du Cann (g, 4-6/74); Brian Robertson (g, 6/74-3/77, ?-7/78); Dave Flett (g, 9/79); Snowy White (g, 11/79-12/81); John Sykes (voc,g, 1982-3/83, 1/96-cca 11/00, cca 5/07-6/09); Vivian Campbell (g, cca 3/11)

Phil Lynott (voc,bg, 3/70-3/83); Mark Mendoza (bg, cca 12/99-cca 11/00, cca 5/07, cca 3/11-cca 7/12); Francesco DiCosmo (bg, cca 8/08)

Eric Wrixen (kb, 3/70-1970); Midge Ure (kb, 7/79-cca 9/79); Darren Wharton (kb, 1979-3/83, cca 12/99-cca 11/00)

Brian Downey (ds, 3/70-3/83, 1/96, cca 3/11-cca 7/12); Mark Nauseef (ds, 1978); Tommy Aldridge (ds, cca 12/99-cca 11/00, cca 8/08-cca 6/09); Michael Lee (ds, cca 5/07)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Thin Lizzy4/1971 Decca
2.Shades Of A Blue Orphanage
produced by: Nick Tauber
2/1972 Decca
3.Vagabonds Of The Western World21.09.1973Decca
4.Night Life
produced by: Ron Nevison
produced by: Thin Lizzy
produced by: John Alcock
12.03.1976Vertigo10 18
7.Remembering, Part 1
produced by: Nick Tauber
8/1976 Decca24
8.Johnny The Fox
produced by: John Alcock
15.10.1976Vertigo11 52
9.Bad Reputation
produced by: Tony Visconti/Thin Lizzy
23.09.1977Vertigo4 39
10.Don't Believe A Word1977 Decca
11.Remembering Thin Lizzy
1978 Decca
12.Live And Dangerous
produced by: Tony Visconti/Thin Lizzy
6/1978 Vertigo2 84
13.Black Rose (A Rock Legend)4/1979 Vertigo2 81
14.The Continuing Saga Of The Ageing Orphans9/1979 Decca
16.Lizzy Killers
3/1981 Vertigo
17.The Adventures Of Thin Lizzy27.03.1981Vertigo6
19.Rockers12/1981 Decca
20.Thunder And Lightning3/1983 Vertigo4
22.The Boys Are Back In Town11/1983 Contour
23.The Collection
11/1985 Castle
24.Whiskey In The Jar4/1986 Contour
25.The Best Of Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy - Soldier Of Fortune11/1987 Telstar55
26.Lizzy Lives (1976-84)6/1989 Grand Slam
27.Dedication / The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy04.02.1991Vertigo8
28.BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert10/1992 Windsong
29.The Peel Sessions11/1994 Strange Fruit
30.Wild One - The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy12/1995 Vertigo18
31.Whole Buncha Reissued Stuff
32.The Boys Are Back In Town1998 Nippon Crown
33.One Night Only20.06.2000CMC International
34.Greatest Hits6/2004 UMTV3
35.Inside Thin Lizzy 1971-198305.10.2004Classic Rock Legends
36.Extended Versions26.10.2004Collectables
37.Definitive Collection20.06.2006Mercury
38.Colour Collection10.04.2007Umvd
39.Silver Spectrum Collection04.06.2007Spectrum
40.UK Tour 7516.09.2008Major League
41.Still Dangerous: Live at the Tower Theater Philadelphia 197703.03.2009Thin Lizzy98
42.Live Throughout the Years09.12.2008Mischief
43.Classic Thin Lizzy: The Universal Master Collection07.04.2009Spectrum Audio
44.Live on Air12.10.2010Ais
45.Waiting For An Alibi: The Collection02.04.2011Spectrum
46.Live In London (IndigO2)03.05.2011
48.Live In London (Hammersmith Apollo)27.09.2011
49.Live at High Voltage 201118.10.2011
50.The Boys Are Back In Town: Live in Sydney, Australia 197808.11.2011IMV/Blueline
51.Live at the BBC15.11.2011Universal
52.Nightlife3/2012 Mercury
53.Live 2012, Vol. 104.06.2013Rock Classics
54.Live 2012, Vol. 204.06.2013Rock Classics
55.Rock Legends06.08.2013Universal71
56.Waiting For An Alibi - The Collection10/2013 Spectrum Music
57.The Story of Thin Lizzy: A Musical Documentary11.03.2014Music Video Distribution
58.Greatest Hits Sound & Vision8/2014 Vertigo
59.The Essential6/2020 Spectrum Music16

Phil Lynott:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Solo In Soho
produced by: Kit Woolven
4/1980 Vertigo28
2.The Philip Lynott Album10/1982 Vertigo
3.Live In Sweden 19833/2002 Zoom Club
4.Yellow Pearl: A Collection20.07.2010Spectrum Audio

Snowy White:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.White Flames03.06.1983Towerbell21
2.Snowy White1/1985 88
3.Change My Life
credited to: Snowy White's Agency
4.No Faith Recquired
& The White Flames
5.Little Wing
& The White Flames
6.Keep Out - We Are Toxic08.03.1999Hypertension/BMG
7.Way It Is
& The White Flames
12.07.2005United States Dist
8.Bird of Paradise10.06.2008Smith & Co
9.Twice as Addictive
credited to: Snowy White's Blues Agency
10.03.2009Blues Boulevard
10.Best of Snowy White05.05.2009Repertoire
11.In Our Time of Living
credited to: The Snowy White's Blues Project
13.10.2009United States Dist
12.In Our Time...Live
credited to: The Snowy White's Blues Project
13.Released20.01.2017Snowy White
14.The Situation
& The White Flames

Eric Bell:

1. Blues Night in Dublin
2. Thin Lizzy Blues
3. Irish Boy
4. Live Tonight...Plus!
5. Belfast Blues In a Jar
6. Exile

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Farmer / I Need You1970 Parlophone
2.Dublin EP
(Dublin / Remembering Part II (New Day) / Old Moon Madness / Things Ain't Working Out At The Farm)
3.Whiskey In The Jar / Black Boys On The Corner
produced by: Nik Tauber
11/1972 Decca6
4.Randolph's Tango / Broken Dream04.05.1973Decca
5.The Rocker / Here I Go Again11/1973 Decca
6.Little Darling / Buffalo Girl2/1974 Decca
7.Philomena / Sha La La01.11.1974Vertigo
8.Showdown / Night Life
(v USA)
1/1975 Vertigo
9.Rosalie / Half Caste27.06.1975Vertigo
10.The Wild One / For Those Who Love To Live17.10.1975Vertigo
11.The Wild One / Freedom Song
(v USA)
11/1975 Vertigo
12.The Boys Are Back In Town / Emerald
produced by: John Alcock
07.05.1976Vertigo2 12
13.Jailbreak / Running Back
produced by: John Alcock
14.The Cowboy Song / Angel From The Coast9/1976 Mercury 77
15.The Rocker24.09.1976Decca
16.Rocky / Half-Caste
(v USA)
11/1976 Mercury
17.Don't Believe A Word / Old Flame
produced by: John Alcock
18.Johnny The Fox Meets Jimmy The Weed / Old Flame
(v USA)
1/1977 Mercury
19.Dancing In The Moonlight / Bad Reputation
produced by: Tony Visconti
20.Whiskey In The Jar / Sitamoia / Vagabond Of The Western World10.02.1978Decca
21.Rosalie/Cowgirl Song (live medley) / Me And The Boys
produced by: Thin Lizzy/Tony Visconti
22.Waiting For An Alibi / With Love23.02.1979Vertigo9
23.Do Anything You Want To / Just The Two Of Us07.06.1979Vertigo14
24.Things Ain't Working Out Down On The Farm / The Rocker / Little Darlin'17.08.1979Decca
25.With Love / Got To Give It Up
(v USA)
9/1979 Warner Bros
26.Sarah / Got To Give It Up19.10.1979Vertigo24
27.Chinatown / Sugar Blues5/1980 Vertigo10
28.Killer On The Loose / Don't Play Around / Got To Give It Up (live) / Chinatown (live)9/1980 Vertigo8
29.Killer On The Loose / Sugar Blues
(v USA)
10/1980 Warner Bros
30.We Will Be Strong / Sweetheart
(v USA)
2/1981 Warner Bros
31.Live Killers EP
(Are You Ready / Bad Reputation / Dear Miss Lonely Heart / Opium Trail)
32.Trouble Boys / Memory Pain31.07.1981Vertigo53
33.Hollywood (Down On Your Luck) / The Pressure Will Blow08.02.1982Vertigo53
34.Cold Sweat / Bad Habits / Don't Believe A Word (live) / Angel Of Death (live)04.02.1983Vertigo27
35.Thunder And Lightning / Still In Love With You (live)29.04.1983Vertigo29
36.The Sun Goes Down / Baby Please Don't Go7/1983 Vertigo52
37.Whiskey In The Jar / The Rocker10/1983 Old Gold
38.Dancing In The Moonlight / Don't Believe A Word1/1985 Old Gold
39.Whiskey In The Jar / The Rocker / Sarah / Black Boys On The Corner8/1986 Archive 4
40.The Boys Are Back In Town2/1988 Old Gold
41.Dedication / Cold Sweat
12"(1),CD + Emerald (live) / Still In Love With You
12"(2) + Bad Reputation / China Town
42.The Boys Are Back In Town / Sarah
12",CD + Johnny The Fox / Black Boys On The Corner / Me And The Boys
3/1991 Vertigo63
43.The Boys Are Back In Town / Jailbreak12/2010 UMC

Phil Lynott:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Dear Miss Lonely Hearts / Solo In Soho29.02.1980Vertigo22
2.King's Call / Ode To A Black Man13.06.1980Vertigo21
3.Yellow Pearl / Girls
& Midge Ure
3/1981 Vertigo14
4.Together / Somebody Else's Dream8/1982 Vertigo
5.Old Town / Beat Of The Drum9/1982 Vertigo
6.Out In The Fields / Military Man
7"(2) + Stop Messin' Around (live)
12" + Still In Love With You
& Gary Moore
5/1985 Ten/Virgin3
7.Nineteen / Nineteen (dub)
12" + A Day In The Life Of A Blues Singer
11/1985 Polydor76
8.King's Call / Yellow Pearl
12" + Dear Miss Lonely Hearts (live)
1/1987 Vertigo68

Snowy White:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.It's No Secret6/1983 Towerbell
2.Bird Of Paradise10/1983 Towerbell6
3.Peace On Earth5/1984 78
4.For You12/1985 65
5.Keep Out - We Are Toxic15.02.1999Hypertension/BMG


1. Live And Dangerous - 1978, Virgin, 56 min


Phil Lynott: Songs For While I'm Away (10/1974)
Phil Lynott: Philip (8/1977)
Phil Lynott: Collected Works (17.3.1980)
Mark Putterford: Philip Lynott: The Rocker (1994)
Philomena Lynott: My Boy - The Philip Lynott Story (1/1996)


1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Brightest British Hope

WWW Links:


original name Tin Lizzie

disbanded 3/1983
reunited 1/1996 (10th Anniversary Phil Lynott Tribute) - Scott Gorham, Brian Downey, Darren Wharton, John Sykes, Mark Mendoza (bg)
reunited 2007

Compilation Appearances:

"The Boys Are Back In Town" on OST "A Knight's Tale" (8.5.01, Columbia)
"Whiskey In The Jar" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)

Snowy White:

21.7.1990 appeared at gigu Roger Waters: The Wall (Berlin)

appeared on the LP:

Rick Wright: Wet Dreams (9/78, Harvest)
Peter Green: In The Skies (18.5.79, PVK)
Natasha: Captured (9/82, Towerbell)

Phil Lynott:

appeared on the LP:

Johnny Thunders: So Alone (9/78, Real)
Gary Moore: Back On The Streets (7.12.78, MCA)
Robin George: Dangerous Music (1984, Bronze)
Gary Moore: Run For Cover (9/85, Ten)

on the LP "Solo In Soho" appeared Mark Nauseef, Gary Moore, Bob Siebenberg, Mark Knopfler, Midge Ure, Jimmy Bain, Huey Lewis

Scott Gorham:

appeared on the LP:

Pat Travers: Puttin' It Straight (17.10.77, Polydor)
Phenomena: Phenomena II (1987, Ariola)
Fisc: Handle With Care (1988, Music For Nations)
Lea Hart: Trapped (1991, Funhouse)
Max Bacon: The Higher You Climb (1996, Point)

Brian Downey:

appeared on the LP:

Gary Moore: Back On The Streets (12/78, MCA)
Phil Lynott: Solo In Soho (1980, Vertigo)
Gary Moore: After The War (2/89, Ten)
Gary Moore: Still Got The Blues (1990, Ten)

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