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SNOW Phoebe

Personal Data:

Born: 17.07.1952 (New York City, USA, as Phoebe Ann Laub)
Died: 26.04.2011 (brain haemorrhage)
SNOW Phoebe (photo)


1984 Laurie Anderson (LP "Mr Heartbreak")

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Phoebe Snow7/1974 A&M 5
2.Second Childhood
produced by: Phil Ramone
12.03.1976CBS 17
3.It Looks Like Snow
produced by: David Rubinson & Friends
11/1976 CBS 29
4.Never Letting Go04.11.1977CBS
5.Against The Grain23.02.1979CBS
6.Rock Away1981
7.Something Real4/1989 Elektra 75
8.I Can't Complain06.07.1998HB/in-akustik
9.The Very Best Of Phoebe Snow14.08.2001Columbia/Legacy
10.Natural Wonder17.06.2003Eagle (Red)
14.10.2008Verve Forecast
12.Playlist: The Very Best of Phoebe Snow18.10.2011Playlist

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Poetry Man12/1974 Shelter 5
2.Gone At Last / Take Me To The Mardi Grass
& Paul Simon
8/1975 Columbia 20
3.Gone At Last / Tenderness
& Paul Simon & The Jessy Dixon Singers
4.Shakey Ground1/1977 Columbia 70
5.Teach Me Tonight15.04.1977CBS
& Garland Jeffreys
6/1978 A&M 107
7.Every Night1/1979 CBS28
8.Poetry Man23.02.1979Shelter
9.In My Life3/1979
10.Games2/1981 Mirage 46
11.Mercy, Mercy, Mercy4/1981 Mirage 52
12.Dreams I Dream / Fighting For Love
& Dave Mason
1987 MCA

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