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Line-Up Albums Singles Various Refers

Line-Up (2003):

SOUTH (photo)

Joel Cadbury - voc
Jamie McDonald - g
Brett Shaw - ds,kb,g
Will Harper - kb

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.From Here On In26.03.2001Mo Wax
2.With The Tides
produced by: Dave Eringa
3.Adventures in the Underground Journey to the Stars04.04.2006Young American
4.Safety in Numbers: South's Tour Diary10.10.2006Young American
5.You Are Here29.04.2008Bluhammock

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Georgia Landing (Omni Trio, Matrix mixes)09.06.1997Poncho
2.Time To Riot / Dub Remedies22.11.1999Mo Wax
3.Run On Time / Torriano06.12.1999Mo Wax
4.Sight Of Me / Better Things31.01.2000Mo Wax
5.4 Track Sessions EP
(Time To Riot / I Know What You're Like / Mad Day / Run On Time / No Bones / Sight Of Me)
06.03.2000Mo Wax
6.Broken Head18.12.2000Mo Wax
7.Paint The Silence12.02.2001Mo Wax69
8.Keep Close / Breaking Away / Broken Head (Death In Vegas "Death Bass" dub) / Wasted Reminders21.05.2001Mo Wax88
9.Loosen Your Hold8/2003 Double Dragon73
10.Colours In Waves / In Too Deep (unreleased mix)29.03.2004Sanctuary60
11.Motiveless Crime8/2004 72
12.Up Close And Personal / Supercede
CD + Autumn Morning / Something Or Nothing
25.09.2006Cooking Vinyl
13.You Are The One14.05.2007
14.El Gato Negro
& Lax
15.Wasted / The Way We Feel28.07.2008Genepool
16.The Tune EP
(Destiny's Paths / Uruk Hai / Rush My Body / Monster Munch)
08.12.2008Kne Deep


Compilation Appearances:

"Paint The Silence" on OST "Music From The O.C. - Mix 1" (30.3.04, Warner Bros)

Joel Cadbury:

appeared on the LP:

U.N.K.L.E.: Never Never Land (22.9.03, Mo Wax)

Press References:

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20011214.06.200143Forum kritikumalbum review
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20019 108Recenze - Novinkyalbum review