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Personal Data:

Born: 25.06.1945 (New York City, USA)
SIMON Carly (photo)


1963-66 The Simon Sisters

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Carly Simon5/1971 Elektra 21
2.Anticipation11/1971 Elektra 30
3.No Secrets
produced by: Richard Perry
18.12.1972Elektra3 1
produced by: Richard Perry
11.01.1974Elektra19 3
5.Playing Possum
produced by: Richard Perry
4/1975 Elektra 9
6.The Best Of Carly Simon28.11.1975Elektra 16
7.Another Passenger21.05.1976Elektra 21
8.Boys In The Trees
produced by: Arif Mardin
21.04.1978Elektra 8
9.The Spy22.06.1979Elektra 45
10.Come Upstairs7/1980 Warner Bros 36
11.You're So Vain4/1981 Hallmark
12.Torch9/1981 Warner Bros 50
13.Hello Big Man07.10.1983Warner Bros 69
14.Spoiled Girl7/1985 Epic 88
15.Coming Around Again
produced by: Bryan Adams/Richard Perry/Paul Samwell-Smith
4/1987 Arista25 25
16.Greatest Hits Live8/1988 Arista49 87
17.My Romance3/1990 Arista 46
18.Have You Seen Me Lately?15.10.1990Arista 60
19.Letters Never Sent11/1994 Arista 129
20.Clouds In My Coffee26.02.1996Arista
21.Film Noir29.09.1997Arista 84
22.Nobody Does It Better - The Very Best Of Carly Simon08.03.199922
23.The Bedroom Tapes16.05.2000Arista 90
24.Christmas Is Almost Here22.10.2002Rhino
26.Christmas Is Almost Here Again14.10.2003Rhino
27.Reflections: Carly Simon's Greatest Hits04.05.2004BMG Heritage25 22
28.Greatest Collection
& Cyndi Lauper & Carole King & Scandal
07.12.2004Platinum Disc
29.The Best of Pooh & Heffalumps, Too08.02.2005Walt Disney
30.Moonlight Serenade
produced by: Richard Perry
19.07.2005Columbia 7
31.Into White24.10.2006Columbia 13
32.This Kind Of Love29.04.2008Hear Music 15
33.Sing Songs for Children
& Lucy Simon
02.12.2008Shout! Factory
34.Collector's Tin Edition31.03.2009Madacy Special MKTS
35.Never Been Gone27.10.2009Iris Label45 134
36.Original Album Series18.10.2011Warner Bros
37.Playlist: The Very Best Of Carly Simon24.10.2014Sony
38.Songs from the Trees: A Musical Memoir Collection20.11.2015Elektra

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be / Alone4/1971 Elektra 10
2.Anticipation / The Garden03.12.1971Elektra 13
3.Legend In Your Own Time / Julie Through The Glass3/1972 Elektra 50
4.Share The End / The Girl You Think You See9/1972 Elektra
5.You're So Vain / His Friends Are More Than Fond Of Robin
produced by: Richard Perry
11/1972 Elektra3 1
6.I've Got To Have You12/1972
7.The Right Thing To Do / We Have No Secrets
produced by: Richard Perry
3/1973 Elektra 10
8.The Right Thing To Do / The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be
produced by: Richard Perry
3/1973 Elektra17
9.Mockingbird / Grown Up
& James Taylor
1/1974 Elektra34 5
10.Haven't Got Time For The Pain / Mind On My Name24.05.1974Elektra 10
11.Mind On The Man / Haven't Got Time For The Pain5/1974 Elektra
12.Attitude Dancing / Are You Ticklish5/1975 Elektra 21
13.Look Me In The Eyes / Slave6/1975 Elektra
14.Waterfall / After The Storm
(v GB 22.8.75)
7/1975 Elektra 78
15.More And More / Love Out In The Street10/1975 Elektra 94
16.It Keeps You Runnin' / Look Me In The Eyes6/1976 Elektra 46
17.It Keeps You Runnin' / Be With Me02.07.1976Elektra
18.Half A Chance / Libby27.08.1976Elektra
19.You're So Vain / Anticipation9/1976 Elektra
20.Mockingbird / Legend In
& James Taylor
9/1976 Elektra
21.Nobody Does It Better / After The Storm
produced by: Richard Perry
15.07.1977Elektra5 2
22.You Belong To Me / In A Small Moment21.04.1978Elektra 6
23.Tranquillo (Melt My Heart) / For Old Times Sake
(v GB)
8/1978 Elektra
24.Devoted To You / Boys In The Trees
& James Taylor
8/1978 Elektra 36
25.Tranquillo (Melt My Heart) / Back Down To Earth
(v USA)
2/1979 Elektra
26.Vengeance / I Love You By Heart6/1979 Elektra 48
27.Spy / Pure Sin8/1979 Elektra
28.Come Upstairs / James6/1980 Warner Bros
29.Jesse / Stardust7/1980 Warner Bros 9
30.Take Me As I Am12/1980 Warner Bros 102
31.Hurt / From The Heart12/1981 Warner Bros 106
32.Nobody Does It Better / After The Storm
3/1982 Elektra
33.Why / Why (instrumental)
produced by: Nile Rodgers/Bernard Edwards
6/1982 Warner Bros10 74
34.Come Upstairs / Jesse26.11.1982WEA
35.You Know What To Do / Orpheus9/1983 Warner Bros 83
36.Hello Big Man / Damn You Get To Me2/1984 Warner Bros
37.Someone Waits For You1984 Planet
38.Tired Of Being Blonde / Black Honeymoon6/1985 Epic 70
39.My New Boyfriend / The Wives Are In Connecticut8/1985 Epic
40.You're So Vain / Anticipation
9/1985 Elektra
41.Coming Around Again / Itsy Bitsy Spider
12" + If It Wasn't Love
10/1986 Arista7 18
42.Give Me All Night / Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer's Night)
12" + Hold What You've Got
4/1987 Arista98 61
43.The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of / As Time Goes By
12" + Sleight Of Hand
8/1987 Arista99
44.All I Want Is You / Two Hot Girls (On A Hot Summer Night)10/1987 Arista
45.All I Want Is You / You Have To Hurt11/1987 Arista 54
46.You're So Vain (live) / Do The Walls Come Down (live)
12",CD + Coming Around Again (live) / Itsy Bitsy Spider (live)
9/1988 Arista96
47.Nobody Does It Better (live) / All I Want Is You (live)
12",CD + Never Been Gone (live)
11/1988 Arista
48.Let The River Run / The Turn Of The Tide2/1989 Arista 49
49.Let The River Run / Carlotta's Heart
12",CD + Medley: Coming Around Again - Itsy Bitsy Spider
3/1989 Arista79
50.Why / Why (instrumental)6/1989 Warner Bros56
51.It's Hard to Be Tender9/1989 Phonogram
52.Better Not Tell Her / Happy Birthday10/1990 Arista
53.Life Is Eternal / We Just Got Here1/1991 Arista
54.You're So Vain / Do The Walls Come Down
12" + Coming Around Again / Itsy Bitsy Spider
CD + The Girl You Think You See / Anticipation
4/1991 Elektra41
55.Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song) (Cotton Belly remixes)
& Janet Jackson
03.12.2001Virgin America13 28
56.Tranquillo / You Belong To Me (Melt My Heart)31.05.2012Elektra
& Chic


1. A Moonlight Serenade on the Queen Mary 2 Concert - 22.11.2005, Columbia, live


1. Working Girl (1988, music by, directed by Mike Nichols)


1971 Grammy Awards - Best New Artist Of The Year
1978 Grammy Awards - Best Album Package ("Boys In The Trees")
1989 Grammy Awards - Best Song Written Specifically For A Motion Picture Or Television (SP "Let The River Run", from the Motion Picture Working Girl)
2004 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "You're So Vain", 1973)


3.11.1972-1983 married toství s Jamesem Taylorem

Compilation Appearances:

"Our Affair" on OST "Bounce" (7.11.00, Arista)
"Touched By The Sun (live)" on compilation "It's Still Okay To Dream" (18.11.03, Atlantic)
"Nobody Does It Better" on compilation "The Best Of Bond...James Bond" (28.10.08)

appeared on the LP:
Gorillaz: Humanz (28.4.17)

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