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Hannover, Germany
*  1965



Klaus Meine - voc,g
Rudolf Schenker - g,voc
Matthias Jabs - g,voc
Pawel Maciwoda - bg
Micky Dee - ds

Former Members:

Karl Heinz Vollmer (g,voc, 1965-69); Michael Schenker (g, 1969-72, 1979); Uli Roth (g, 6/73-12/78)

Achim Kirshoff (bg, 1965-69); Lothar Heimberg (bg, 1969-72); Francis Buchholz (bg,voc, 6/73-3/92); Ralph Rieckermann (bg, cca 12/92-1/04)

Wolfgang Dziony (ds, 1965-72); Jürgen Rosenthal (ds, 6/73-1974); Rudy Lenners (ds, 1974-77); Herman Rarebell (ds, 1977-5/96); Curt Cress (ds, 1996); James Kottak (ds, 8/96-cca 2/15)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Lonesome Crow
produced by: Conny Plank
1972 Brain/Metronome
2.Fly To The Rainbow11/1974 RCA
3.In Trance
produced by: Dieter Dierks
4.Virgin Killers
produced by: Dieter Dierks
5.Taken By Force
produced by: Dieter Dierks
6.Love Drive
produced by: Dieter Dierks
30.03.1979Harvest/EMI36 55
7.Tokyo Tapes
2/1979 RCA
8.The Best Of The Scorpions11/1979 RCA
9.Animal Magnetism
produced by: Dieter Dierks
11.04.1980Harvest/EMI23 52
10.Rock Galaxy
(2LP, reissued 2 + 3)
1980 RCA
11.Black Out
produced by: Dieter Dierks
3/1982 Harvest/EMI11 5
12.Hot & Heavy1982 RCA
13.Gold Ballads
(mini LP)
1984 Harvest/EMI
14.Love At First Sting
produced by: Dieter Dierks
12.03.1984Harvest/EMI17 6
15.The Best Of The Scorpions Vol. 27/1984 RCA 175
16.World Wide Live
6/1985 Harvest/EMI18 14
17.Scorpions Best1985 Harvest/EMI
18.Don't Stop At The Top
produced by: Dieter Dierks
1987 Harvest/EMI
19.Savage Amusement
produced by: Dieter Dierks
4/1988 Harvest/EMI18 5
20.The Best Of Rockers'N'Ballads11/1989 Harvest/EMI 43
21.Hurricane Rock3/1990 Connoisseur
22.Take Off3/1990 RCA
23.Crazy World
produced by: Keith Olsen/Scorpions
05.11.1990Mercury27 21
24.Hot & Slow - The Ballads1991
25.Still Loving You4/1992 Mercury
26.Hot & Hard9/1993 RCA
27.Face The Heat
produced by: Bruce Fairbairn
13.09.1993Mercury51 24
28.Rock You Like A Hurricane12/1994
29.Deadly Sting: The Mercury Years1/1995 BMG
30.Live Bites03.04.1995Mercury
31.Born To Touch Your Feeling1995
32.Pure Instinct
produced by: Erwin Musper/Keith Olsen
29.04.1996east west 99
33.Big City Nights1998
34.Master Series1998
35.Eye To Eye
produced by: Peter Wolf
3/1999 east west
37.Moment Of Glory
& Berliner Philharmoniker
19.06.2000EMI Electrola
38.Acoustica14.05.2001Warner Music
39.20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection12.06.2001Chronicles 198
40.Classic Bites04.02.2002Spectrum
41.Bad for Good: The Very Best of Scorpions28.05.2002Hip-O 161
42.Winning Combinations
& Whitesnake
23.07.2002Universal Special Products
44.Box of Scorpions25.05.2004Hip-O
produced by: Erwin Musper
47.No. 1's16.05.2006EMI
48.Humanity - Hour 1
produced by: Desmond Child
14.05.2007RCA 63
49.Deadliest Stings: Greatest Hits11.12.2007WEA
50.Best of Scorpions: Green Series29.04.2008Universal
51.Bad for Good: The Very Best of the Scorpions09.09.2008Hip-O
52.Platinum Collection, Vol. 216.09.2008EMI
53.Original Album Classics02.03.2010Sony
54.Sting In The Tail19.03.2010Columbia96 23
56.Icon 202.11.2010Island
57.Comeblack24.01.2012Sony Music 90
58.MTV Unplugged in Athens02.12.2013Sony Music 113
59.Return to Forever23.02.2015Sevenone Music31 65
60.Vinyl Box 1977-1988
(8LP box set)
61.Forever and a Day27.11.2015Cleopatra
62.Live in Munich 201230.09.2016Eagle Rock
63.Forever and a Day: Documentary + Live in Munich 201230.09.2016
64.Born To Touch Your Feelings: Best Of Rock Ballads24.11.2017RCA

Herman Rarebell:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Nip In The Bud
featuring: Juan Croucier (bg), Don Dokken (voc), Jack Russell (voc), Charlie Huhn (voc), Steve Marriott (voc), Chris Storey (g), David Cooper (g)
2.Herman Ze German And Friends1986 Capitol
3.Live 2005
& Pete York & Charlie Antolini

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Hello Josephine2/1965
4.In Trance / Night Lights11/1976 RCA
5.Hello Josephine8/1977
6.Loving You Sunday Morning / Coast To Coast3/1979 Mercury
7.Is There Anybody There? / Another Piece Of Meat25.05.1979Harvest39
8.Lovedrive / Coast To Coast31.08.1979Harvest69
9.Lady Starlight4/1980 Mercury
10.All Night Long4/1980 RCA
11.Make It Real / Don't Make No Promises (Your Body Can't Keep)25.04.1980Harvest72
12.The Zoo / Holiday05.09.1980Harvest75
13.No One Like You / Now!3/1982 Harvest64 65
14.Can't Live Without You / Always Somewhere05.07.1982Harvest63
15.Rock You Like A Hurricane / Coming Home24.02.1984Harvest78 25
16.Still Loving You / Holiday
12" + Big City Nights
6/1984 Harvest 64
17.Big City Nights / Bad Boys Running Wild13.08.1984Harvest76
18.No One Like You (live) / The Zoo (live)6/1985 Harvest
19.Rhythm Of Love / We Let It Rock ... You Let It Roll
12" + Love On The Run (mix)
5/1988 Harvest59 75
20.Believe In Love / Love On The Run8/1988 Harvest
21.When Passion Rules The Game / Every Minute Every Day
12" + Is There Anybody There?
2/1989 Harvest74
22.Don't Believe Her / Kicks After Six
12",CD + Big City Nights / Holiday (live)
12/1990 Vertigo77
23.Tease Me, Please Me1/1991
24.Wind Of Change / Restless Nights
12" + Hit Between The Eyes / Blackout (live)
CD + To Be With You In Heaven / Blackout (live)
4/1991 Vertigo1 4
25.Send Me An Angel / Wind Of Change (Russian)6/1991 Mercury6 44
26.Hit Between The Eyes1992
27.Alien Nation8/1993
28.Under The Same Sun / Ship Of Fools
12" + Alien Nation / Rubberfucker
CD + Partners In Crime
10/1993 Vertigo
29.White Dove09.01.1995
30.You And I25.03.1996east west
31.Does Anybody Know29.07.1996east west
32.When You Came Into My Life04.11.1996east west
33.Where The River Flows16.06.1997east west
34.To Be No. 1 / Mind Like A Tree22.02.1999east west
35.Moment Of Glory - Offizielle Expo Hymne
& Berliner Philharmoniker
29.05.2000EMI Electrola
36.You Are The Champion
& Michael Kleitman
37.Hurrican / In (Like A Rose) (BRMC mix)
& Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Herman Rarebell:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rock Your All12.02.1982Harvest
2.In The Mood26.06.1995Cooperdisc


1. The First Sting - 1984
2. World Wide Live - 1985
3. Live From Russia & Other Savage - 1988
4. Crazy World Tour Live In Berlin - 1991
5. Acoustica - 4/2002, east west, 157 min

WWW Links:


21.7.1990 appeared at gigu Roger Waters: The Wall (Berlin)

appeared on the LP:

Roger Waters: The Wall (Live In Berlin) (9/90, EMI)

Compilation Appearances:
"Temple Of The King" on Ronnie James Dio tribute album "This Is Your Life" (31.3.14)

Herman Rarebell:

appeared on the LP:

Neuschwanstein: Battlement (1978, Musea)
Dee Cooper: Dee Cooper (2/95, Event)
Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

own label Monaco

Ralph Rieckermann:

appeared on the LP:

Dee Cooper: Dee Cooper (2/95, Event)

Rudolf Schenker:

appeared on the LP:

Michael Schenker: Temple Of Rock (9/11, In Akustik)

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