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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Montego Bay22.06.2009VP

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Love & Happiness / Clean Vibes Riddim
& Bim & Post
15.12.2003Special Delivery Music
2.No Love Again31.05.2004Penthouse
3.Boxers Or Stockings31.05.2004Penthouse
4.Experience Teaches Wisdom / Give It Up For Love
& Tony Rebel
31.05.2004Raggedy Jor
5.Story Of My Life06.12.2004Mister Tipsy
6.Thanks & Praise Riddim EP
(Won't Give Up The Fight / Stand Up For Righteousness / Horns Cut)
& Matics Horns & Twilight Crew & Fred Locks
7.When Love22.05.2006Voice Stream
8.Babylon Falling (Free Up Rhythm)19.06.2006Pure & Clean
9.I Music (Have You Ever Rhythm) / Dem Style
& Kashu Man
10.Behave Your Self (Twice Again Rhythm) / Man Ting
& Tony Rebel
26.06.2006Studio 2000
11.End Of Your Dark Clouds (Satta Massagana Rhythm) / Isreal
& Mark Wonder
18.12.2006I&I Foundation
12.Put On Yuh Thong (Below The Waist) (Continuation Rhythm)26.03.2007Penthouse
13.Ransom (Gangstalaw Rhythm) / Stop Genocide
& Luciano
14.Daddy (Eighty Three Rhythm)12.11.2007No Doubt
15.Nuff Vibes (Zee Drop Rhythm)19.11.2007In Your Face
16.Choppa Grade
(No Combo / Breakfast In Bed Riddim)
25.02.2008Nicetime Music
17.Too Late / Balaclava
& Junior Kelly
18.About Love / Not Scared (General Key Riddim)
& Crystal Axe & Ray Darwin
19.Far Away (Movement Riddum) / Somewhere
& Brahyhan
20.Road To Mobay EP
(Daddy / Lioness On The Rise / Coconut Shell)
21.Stand Up (Beds Too Big Riddim)27.08.2009Slam
22.In My Dreams (Dreams Riddim)12.11.2009Acoustic Vibes
23.New New New
& Makedah & Bob Sinclar & Vybrate
12/2009 NEWS
24.Legato Sampler 2009 / 5 (New New New (Avicii meets Yellow mix) / Touch Me (Esquire remix) / All To Me (Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox remix) / I Hope She Turns Around)
& Makedah & Tina More & Yass & Jay Sebag & David Vendetta & Bob Sincla
25.Natty Fi Grow (Natty Fi Grow Riddim)
feat Mr Perfect
16.12.2009In The Streetz
26.Stranger (Chaka Vibes Riddim) / Only Jah
& Cersy Tea
21.12.2009Bright Star
27.New New New
& Makedah & Bob Sinclar & Vybrate
09.02.2010D Vision
28.Won't Give Up The Fight (Thanks & Praise Riddim) / Stand Up For Righteousness / Horns (cut) / Horns (version)
& Matics Horns & Twilight Crew & Fred Locks
29.Gone With The Man (Tha Mission Riddim)10.03.2011Manatee
30.Round & Round / Complicated Love
& Shuga & Marcia Griffiths
31.Let's Get Silly / What About The Poor
& I Octane
32.Tiad A Da Supm Yah / Need You
& Romain Virgo
03.01.2014Notice Productions
33.Make You Rock / Clock Tower Dub
& Silly Walks Discotheque & Jr Blender
13.11.2014Silly Walks
34.Ask My Granny21.10.2016VP