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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Cauldron Subsidence09.10.2009Echocord

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Deep In Mind EP
(T1,0 / Constant / ChainData)
09.04.2007Styrax Leaves
2.Subsurfer Structure EP
(Lush / Drowning / Longwinded (edit))
3.In Loving Memory 3:4
(Deploy / Metamorphosed / Alone In The Crowd / Reveal)
& Bvdub & Remote & Atheus
4.Moonstruck EP
(Lunar Orbiter / Lunar Orbiter (version) / Crescent Moon)
5.4th Bouquet EP
(Air / Shipwrecked / Release / Circular)
& Havantepe & Lawrence & Leftover
25.02.2008Styrax Leaves
6.Distant Space Part 1
(The Entire Structure / Comatose)
03.03.2008Meanwhile Sounds
7.Unusual Signals / Amanita Muscaria / Deliberate / Iboga05.05.2008Echocord
8.Distant Space Part 2 EP
(Greenfield Mill / Affluent Society)
28.07.2008Meanwhile Sounds
9.Ray Of Hope EP
(Ray Of Hope / Ray Of Hope (A Made Up Sound remix) / Crank Eye)
13.10.2008Echocord Colour
10.Distant Space Part 3
(Electromagnetic Pulse / Specters)
11.Tribute To Ramin EP
(Requiem Solo / Nightshade / Touch The Stars / Lonely Clarinet (edit) / Never Forget / Abyss (version 3) / Mingtian)
& Bvdub & Redshape & Morphosis & Rising Sun & Intrusion
12.The Landing EP
(Train Of Thoughts (Elliott Dodge remix) / The Landing / Train Of Thoughts / Melted)
13.Subliminal State EP
(Life Has Changed / Wing Root Chord / Halcyon / Subliminal State)
06.04.2009Echocord Denmark
14.Isolate EP
(Isolate / The Formula / Supra)
15.Deeper Basement / Hymn To Ra / Planet View / Unknown Perception07.10.2009Pong Musiq
16.Leap In The Dark / Nabu / Nightshade04.03.2010Statik Entertainment
17.Synchrotron EP
(Circles / Synchrotron / Poles Apart)
29.03.2010Piece Communications
18.Liquid Garden: Chapter One
(Space Yard / Dubidoo / Drawn / Upward Spirial)
& Einklang Freier Frequenzen & Der Dritte Raum & Bekeschus
19.Force Vive EP
(Circles (re-edit) / Force Vive / Ramified / Swaying)
20.Now More Than Ever EP
(Now More Than Ever / No Numbers / Trippin' / Far Side Of The Moon)
21.Imaginary Flight EP
(Sub-System (white vinyl 12) / Substratum / Easing Of Tension)
17.02.2011Millions Of Moments
22.Echocord Jubilee Compilation Part 1 EP
(Tides / My Safe Harbour / House Of Vampires)
& Deadbeat & Fluxion
23.Chasing The Moth EP
(Flashbacks / Chasing The Moth / Berlin 5AM / Love & Hate / To Be Dedicated)
06.04.2011Toffler Music Entertainment
24.Transcendent Places EP
(A Mind Altering Drug / Transcendent Places / Out Of Sight)
06.05.2011Analog Response
25.Night Dawg / Master Of The Art Of Living / Fighting Against The Superiority01.06.20116ONE6
26.The World Is A Cyclone EP
(The Whole World Is A Cyclone / Deep Drawn / Water & Ice / Water & Ice (Quantec Monoaxial mix))
27.07.2011For Pleasure
27.Dimensions Beyond The Known EP
(Cosmogonic / Mia's Tea / Permasmile / K-Hole)
03.02.2012Toffler Music Entertainment
28.Translucent Tracks EP
(Parable / Analogue Effusion / The Clouds Above Us / True Lines)
& Insect O & Frank Hellmond & Echo Inspectors
04.12.2013Etui Limited
29.The Chemist / Depth Flotation / Lets Get Wasted24.06.2014Sine