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San Francisco, California, USA
*  1964

Line-Up (1976):

John Cipollina - g,voc
Gary Duncan - g,voc
Dino Valenti - g,voc
Skip Olsen - bg
Greg Elmore - ds

Former Members:

Jim Murray (1964-67); Casey Sonoban (1964-?)
Alexander "Skip" Spence (voc,g, 1963-?)
Nicky Hopkins (p, 1969-70); Mark Naftalin (kb, 1970-71); Chuck Steaks (kb, 1971-2/74); Bob Hogan (kb, 2/74-?); Michael Lewis (p, cca 3/75)
David Freiberg (bg, 1964-71, cca 3/75); Mark Ryan (bg, 1971-5/73); John Nicholas (bg, 5/73-?); Bob Flurie (bg, ?-2/74)
Harold Aceves (ds, 5/73-?)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Quicksilver Messanger Service
produced by: Nick Gravenites/Harvey Brooks
5/1968 Capitol 63
2.Happy Trails3/1969 Capitol 27
3.Shady Grove1/1970 Capitol 25
4.Just For Love8/1970 Capitol 27
5.What About Me?11/1970 Capitol 26
6.Quicksilver11/1971 Capitol
7.Comin' Thru'5/1972 Capitol
10/1973 Capitol
9.Solid Silver10/1975 Capitol 89
10.Best Of Quicksilver Messanger Service1976
11.Hit Road1976
12.Maiden Of The Cancer Moon
9/1983 Psycho
13.The Ultimate Journey4/1986 See For Miles
14.Peace By Piece1987
15.What Goes On10/1989 B.G.O.
16.Sons Of Mercury (1968-1975)8/1991 Rhino
17.Classic Masters29.01.2002Capitol
18.Who Do You Love01.04.2003Simply The Best
19.Best Of Quicksilver Messenger Service27.09.2005EMI Special Markets
20.Back to Back Hits
& Canned Heat
21.At the Kabuki Theatre20.03.2007Snapper
22.Castles In The Sand02.06.2009Snapper
23.Reunion11.08.2009United States Dist
24.New Orleans, LA July 197724.11.2009United States Dist
25.Fillmore Auditorium Feb 4th 1967 With Dino Valenti
11.02.2010Vinyl Lovers
26.Strange Trim
credited to: Gary Duncan & Quicksilver Messenger Service
27.Live at Sweetwater
credited to: The Gary Duncan Quicksilver Messenger Service
05.10.2010Floating World
28.Live At The Field Stone
credited to: Gary Duncan Quicksilver
02.11.2010Floating World
29.Shapeshifter, Vols. 1 & 2
credited to: Gary Duncan Quicksilver
02.11.2010Floating World
30.Anthology Box 1966-197013.09.2011Cleopatra
31.Live At the Fillmore: June 7, 196804.06.2013Cleopatra
32.Live at the Old Mill Tavern (March 29, 1970)12.08.2013Cleopatra
33.Fillmore Auditorium: November 5, 196615.04.2014Cleopatra
34.Live in San Jose, September 196631.03.2015Cleopatra
35.Live: Fillmore Auditorium, February 5, 196726.05.2015Cleopatra
36.Stony Brook College, New York 197010.07.2015Cleopatra
37.New Year's Eve 196704.09.2015Cleopatra
38.Cowboy on the Run: Live in New York11.12.2015Echoes
39.More Happy Trails 196905.02.2016Cleopatra
40.Live Across America 1967-197705.08.2016Cleopatra

Dino Valenti:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Dino Valenti1968

John Cipollina:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
2.Rockpalast: West Coast Legends, Vol. 1
& Nick Gravenites Band
3.Legacy Live, Vol. 118.11.2016Shady Grove

Gary Duncan:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Snake Language
& Crawfish Of Love

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Pride Of Man / Dino's Song6/1968 Capitol
2.Bears / Stand By Me11/1968 Capitol 110
3.Who Do You Love (edit) / Which Do You Love7/1969 Capitol 91
4.Holy Moly / Words Can't Say11/1969 Capitol
5.Shady Grove / Three Or Four Feet From Home2/1970 Capitol
6.Fresh Air / Freeway Flyer9/1970 Capitol 49
7.What About Me / Good Old Rock And Roll2/1971 Capitol 100
8.Hope / I Found Love11/1971 Capitol
9.Doin' Time In The U.S.A. / Changes5/1972 Capitol
10.Gypsy Lights / Witches Moon11/1975 Capitol

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disbanded 1976
reunited 1987

John Cipollina:

appeared on the LP:

Mickey Hart: Rolling Thunder (1972)

Press References:

Melody Maker
New Musical Express
1974027.07.197413Deja Vu
1975025.10.197520Platters - Importsalbum review
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