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London, GB
*  1970

Line-Up (2018):

QUEEN (photo)

Adam Lambert - voc
Brian May - g,voc
Roger Taylor - ds,voc

Former Members:

Freddie Mercury (voc,kb, 1970-24.11.91)
John Deacon (bg, 1970-4/92)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
produced by: Roy Thomas Baker
13.07.1973Trident/EMI24 83
2.Queen 2
produced by: Queen/Roy Thomas Baker
08.03.1974Trident/EMI5 49
3.Sheer Heart Attack
produced by: Queen/Roy Thomas Baker
01.11.1974Trident/EMI2 12
4.A Night At The Opera
produced by: Queen/Roy Thomas Baker
28.11.1975Trident/EMI1 4
5.A Day At The Races
produced by: Queen
26.11.1976Trident/EMI1 5
6.News Of The World
produced by: Queen
28.10.1977Trident/EMI4 2
7.Jazz10.11.1978Trident/EMI2 6
8.Queen Live Killers
22.06.1979EMI3 13
9.The Game30.06.1980EMI1 1
10.Flash Gordon08.12.1980Queen Music Ltd.10 23
11.Queen Greatest Hits26.10.1981Queen Music Ltd./Trident1 12
12.Hot Space23.05.1982EMI4 8
produced by: Queen & Mack
27.02.1984EMI2 23
14.A Kind Of Magic02.06.1986EMI1 46
15.The Complete Works
(14 LP box set)
11/1986 EMI
16.Live Magic12/1986 EMI3
17.The Miracle22.05.1989Parlophone1 24
18.At The Beeb 197311/1989 Band Of Joy67
19.Innuendo04.02.1991Parlophone/EMI1 30
20.Greatest Hits II28.10.1991Parlophone1
21.Classic Queen10.03.1992Hollywood 4
22.Live At Wembley '865/1992 Parlophone2 53
23.Greatest Hits9/1992 Hollywood 11
24.Made In Heaven06.11.1995Parlophone1 58
25.Ultimate Queen
(20 CD box set)
26.Queen Rocks Volume 103.11.1997EMI7
27.Greatest Hits, Vol. 309.11.1999Parlophone5
28.The Platinum Collection - Greatest Hits I II & III11/2000 Hollywood2 6
29.Queen In Nuce6/2001
30.The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert26.11.2002Eagle Vision
33.Greatest Hits: We Will Rock You Edition17.08.2004Hollywood 42
34.Queen on Fire: Live at the Bowl
35.Jewels, Vol. 226.04.2005Toshiba EMI
36.A Night At The Opera: 30th Anniversary21.11.2005CD/DVD
37.Stone Cold Classics11.04.2006Hollywood 45
38.The Document09.04.2007
39.Queen Rock Montreal
40.Singles Collection
(13CD box set)
41.Singles Collection, Vol. 230.06.2009EMI
42.Absolute Greatest16.11.2009Parlophone3
43.Singles Collection, Vol. 325.05.2010EMI
44.The Singles Collection, Vol. 426.10.2010EMI
45.Deep Cuts - Vol 1 - 1973-19765/2011 Island92
47.Hungarian Rhapsody: Queen Live In Budapest06.11.2012Eagle Rock
48.Mercury Rising09.04.2013MVD Visual
50.Queen in the 1970's10.06.2014Silver & Gold
51.Live At The Rainbow '74 - Sold Out04.09.2014EMI Virgin11 66
52.The Ultimate Story: A Portrait of Freddie Mercury07.10.2014Ascot Elite
53.Queen Forever
10.11.2014Hollywood5 38
54.Forever Box Set
(4LP box set)
55.The Best Years of Our Lives14.08.2015Chrome Dreams
56.Queen Studio Collection
(18 LP box set)
57.A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 197520.11.2015Virgin EMI40
58.Queen On Air: Complete BBC Sessions
produced by: Jeff Griffin
59.Bohemian Rhapsody19.10.2018Hollywood3 2
60.Live Around The World
& Adam Lambert
02.10.2020EMI1 56

Brian May:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Star Fleet Project
& Friends
(mini LP)
featuring: Eddie Van Halen (g), Philip Chen (bg), Alan Gratzer (ds), Fred Mandel (kb)
17.10.1983EMI35 125
2.Back To The Light
featuring: Neil Murray, Cozy Powell
05.10.1992Parlophone6 159
3.Off The Ground1993
4.Live At The Brixton Academy
credited to: Brian May Band
5.Themes And Dreams12/1995 Javelin
6.Black White House12/1995 Koch
7.Project X
& Phenomena
8.Another World01.06.1998Parlophone23
9.Red Special - Japan Tour Mini Album
(mini LP)
10.Born Free04.12.2012Hollywood
11.Starmus: Sonic Universe
& Tangerine Dream
07.05.2013Eastgate Music & Arts
12.The Candlelight Concerts: Live at Montreux 2013
& Kerry Ellis
13.Turkey Shoot12.12.2014Dual Planet
14.The Day After Halloween14.04.2015XOZMIQ
& Rick Wakeman
18.Golden Days
& Kerry Ellis
4/2017 Sony Music

Roger Taylor:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Fun In Space4/1981 EMI18
2.Strange Frontiers
produced by: Roger Taylor/David Richards/Mack
4.Electric Fire28.09.1998Parlophone53
5.The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)2010
6.Fun On Earth14.11.2013EMI Virgin69
7.The Lot26.11.2013EMI

Freddie Mercury:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Mr. Bad Guy5/1985 CBS6 159
& Montserrat Caballe
10/1988 Polydor15
3.The Freddie Mercury Album23.11.1992Parlophone4
(mini LP)
1993 EMI
5.The Freddie Mercury Collection 1973-200010/2000
(3CD box set)
23.10.2000EMI Electrola13
7.Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs - The Very Best Of Freddie Mercury Solo05.09.2006Parlophone6
8.Messenger Of The Gods - The Singles02.09.2016Virgin31
9.Never Boring
(5CD box set)

John Deacon:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
& The Immortals
6/1986 MCA

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Keep Yourself Alive / Son And Daughter06.07.1973EMI
2.Liar / Doing All Right
(v USA)
11/1973 Elektra
3.Seven Seas Of Rhye / See What A Fool I've Been01.03.1974EMI8
4.Killer Queen / Flick Of The Wrist
produced by: Queen
11.10.1974EMI1 12
5.Now I'm Here / Lily Of The Valley
produced by: Roy Thomas Baker/Queen
6.Lily Of The Valley / Keep Yourself Alive
(v USA)
4/1975 Elektra
7.Bohemian Rhapsody / I'm In Love With My Car
produced by: Queen/Roy Thomas Baker
31.10.1975EMI1 9
8.You're My Best Friend / 39
produced by: Queen/Roy Thomas Baker
18.06.1976EMI7 9
9.Somebody To Love / White Man
produced by: Queen
12.11.1976EMI2 9
10.Tie Your Mother Down / You And I04.03.1977EMI31
11.Tie Your Mother Down / Drowse3/1977 Elektra 49
12.Queen's First EP
(Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy / Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To ...) / Tenement Funster / White Queen (As It Began))
produced by: Queen
13.Long Away / You And I
(v USA)
6/1977 Elektra
14.We Are The Champions / We Will Rock You
produced by: Queen
07.10.1977EMI2 3
15.Spread Your Wings / Sheer Heart Attack10.02.1978EMI34
16.It's Late / Sheer Heart Attack4/1978 Elektra 74
17.Bicycle Race / Fat Bottomed Girls13.10.1978EMI11 18
18.Don't Stop Me Now / In Only Seven Days26.01.1979EMI9
19.Don't Stop Me Now / More Of That Jazz2/1979 Elektra 86
20.Jealousy / Fun It
(v USA)
4/1979 Elektra
21.Love Of My Life (live) / Now I'm Here (live)26.06.1979EMI63
22.We Will Rock You (live) / Let Me Entertain You (live)
(v USA)
8/1979 Elektra
23.Crazy Little Thing Called Love / We Will Rock You (live)05.10.1979EMI2
24.Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Spread Your Wings (live)12/1979 Elektra 1
25.Save Me / Let Me Entertain You (Live)25.01.1980EMI9
26.Play The Game / A Human Body30.05.1980EMI4 42
27.Another One Bites The Dust / Dragon Attack22.08.1980EMI5
28.Another One Bites The Dust / Don't Try Suicide8/1980 Elektra 1
29.Need Your Loving Tonight / Rock It (Prime Jive)10/1980 Elektra 44
30.Flash / Football Fight24.11.1980EMI5 42
31.Under Pressure / Soul Brother
& David Bowie
26.10.1981EMI1 29
32.Body Language / Life Is Real (Song For Lennon)30.04.1982EMI17 11
33.Las Palabras De Amor / Cool Cat01.06.1982EMI13
34.Calling All Girls / Put Out The Fire7/1982 Elektra 60
35.Back Chat / Staying Power09.08.1982EMI17
36.Radio Ga Ga / I Go Crazy23.01.1984EMI2 16
37.I Want To Break Free / Machines (Or Back To Humans)02.04.1984EMI2 45
38.It's A Hard Life / Is This The World We Created?16.07.1984EMI6 72
39.Hammer To Fall / Tear It Up
12" + Hammer To Fall (headbangers mix)
40.Thank God It's Christmas / Man On The Prowl / Keep Passing The Open Windows26.11.1984EMI17
41.One Vision / Blurred Vision04.11.1985EMI3 61
42.Princess Of The Universe / A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling
(v USA)
2/1986 Capitol
43.A Kind Of Magic / A Dozen Red Roses For My Darling17.03.1986EMI3 42
44.Friends Will Be Friends / Seven Seas Of Rhye09.06.1986EMI7
45.Don't Lose Your Head / Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
(v USA)
7/1986 Capitol
46.Who Wants To Live Forever / Killer Queen
12" + Forever
47.Pain Is So Close To Pleasure
(v Německu)
48.Seven Seas Of Rhye / See What A Fool I've Been / Funny How Love Is11/1988 EMI
49.Killer Queen / Flick Of The Wrist / Brighton Rock11/1988 EMI
50.Bohemian Rhapsody / I'm In Love With My Car / You're My Best Friend11/1988 EMI
51.Somebody To Love / White Man / Tie Your Mother Down11/1988 EMI
52.Queen's First EP
(Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy / Death On Two Legs (Dedicated To ...) / Tenement Funster / White Queen (As It Began))
11/1988 EMI
53.We Are The Champions / We Will Rock You / Fat Bottomed Girls11/1988 EMI
54.Crazy Little Thing Called Love / Spread Your Wings / Flash11/1988 EMI
55.Another One Bites The Dust / Dragon Attack / Las Palabras De Amor (The Words Of Love)11/1988 EMI
56.Under Pressure / Soul Brother / Body Language11/1988 EMI
57.Radio Ga Ga / I Go Crazy / Hammer To Fall11/1988 EMI
58.I Want To Break Free / Machines (Back To Humans) / It's A Hard Life11/1988 EMI
59.A Kind Of Magic / Dozen Red Roses For My Darling / One Vision11/1988 EMI
60.I Want It All / Hang On In There02.05.1989EMI2 50
61.Breakthru / Stealin'19.06.1989EMI5
62.Invisible Man / Hijack My Heart07.08.1989EMI9
63.Scandal / My Life Has Been Saved09.10.1989Parlophone17
64.The Miracle / Stone Cold Crazy (Live)
12",CD + My Melancholy Blues (live '77)
65.Innuendo / Bijou
12",CD + Under Pressure (extended)
66.I'm Going Slightly Mad / The Hitman
12",CD + Lost Opportunity
67.Headlong / Mad The Swine
12",CD + All God's People
68.The Show Must Go On / Keep Yourself Alive
12",CD1 + Body Language
CD2 + Now I'm Here / Fat Bottomed Girls / Las Palabras De Amor
69.Bohemian Rhapsody / These Are The Days Of Our Lives02.12.1991Parlophone1 2
70.We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions6/1992 Hollywood 52
71.Five Live EP (live)
(Somebody To Love / Medley: Killer / Papa Was A Rollin' Stone / These Are The Days Of Our Lives / Calling You)
& George Michael & Lisa Stansfield
19.04.1993Parlophone1 46
72.Heaven For Everyone / It's Beautiful Day
CD + Keep Yourself Alive / Seven Seas Of Rhye / Killer Queen
73.A Winter's Tale / Thank God It's Christmas
CD1 + Rock In Rio Blues
CD2 + Now I'm Here / You're My Best Friend / Somebody To Love
74.Too Much Love Will Kill You19.02.1996Parlophone15
75.You Don't Fool Me04.03.1996Parlophone
76.Let Me Live01.07.1996Parlophone9
77.You Don't Fool Me - The Remixes11/1996 Parlophone35
78.No One But You24.11.1997Parlophone
79.Another One Bites The Dust
& Wyclef Jean feat. Pras & Free
80.Under Pressure
& David Bowie
12/1999 Parlophone14
81.Princess Of The Universe2/2000
82.We Will Rock You
& Five
7/2000 RCA1
& Vanguard
Flash (The Official Club Mixes)
& Vanguard
Flash / Jam
& Vanguard
85.Another One Bites The Dust
& The Miami Project
86.Don't Stop Me Now7/2007 47
87.Bohemian Rhapsody12/2007 Parlophone
88.The Show Must Go On8/2008 EMI
89.Who Wants To Live Forever11/2009 Parlophone63
90.I Want To Break Free11/2009 Parlophone
91.We Will Rock You11/2009 Parlophone
92.We Are The Champions11/2009 Parlophone
93.Another One Bites The Dust11/2009 Parlophone
94.Bohemian Rhapsody11/2009 Parlophone93
95.Don't Stop Me Now11/2009 82
96.Bohemian Rhapsody
& The Muppets
12/2009 Walt Disney32
97.Thank God It's Christmas12/2009 Parlophone
98.Love Kills (The Ballad)14.10.2015Hollywood
99.Under Pressure
& David Bowie
1/2016 Virgin43 45
100.Don't Stop Me Now10/2018 Island83
101.Bohemian Rhapsody10/2018 Island45 33
102.Another One Bites The Dust11/2018 Island93
103.Thank God It's Christmas12/2019 EMI86
104.You Are The Champions
& Adam Lambert

Freddie Mercury:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Can't Hear Music / Goin' Back
credited to: Larry Lurex
10/1973 EMI
2.Love Kills / Rot Wang's Party14.09.1984CBS7 69
3.I Was Born To Love You / Stop All The Fighting
7"(2) + Love Kills (extended)
4/1985 CBS7 76
4.Made In Heaven (remix) / She Blows Hot And Cold7/1985 CBS57
5.Living On My Own / My Love Is Dangerous9/1985 CBS50
6.Living On My Own / She Blows Hot And Cold
(v USA)
10/1985 Columbia
7.Love Me Like There's No Tomorrow / Let's Turn It On11/1985 CBS76
8.Time / Time (Instrumental)5/1986 EMI26
9.The Great Pretender / Exercises In Free Love3/1987 Parlophone1
10.Barcelona / Exercises In Free Love
& Montserrat Caballe
10/1987 Polydor1
11.The Golden Boy / The Fallen Priest
& Montserrat Caballe
(10/88, Polydor, 86.)
12.How Can I Go On / Overtures Piccante
12",CD + Guide Me Home
& Montserrat Caballe
1/1989 Polydor95
13.Barcelona / Exercises In Free Love
& Montserrat Caballe
7/1992 Polydor2
14.How Can I Go On / The Golden Boy
12",CD1 + Guide Me Home / Overtures Piccante
CD2 + The Fallen Priest
& Montserrat Caballe
10/1992 Polydor92
15.In My Defence / Love Kills
CD + Mr. Bad Guy / Living On My Own (mix)
16.The Great Pretender / Stop All The Fighting
CD + Exercises In Free Love
17.Living On My Own / Living On My Own (mixes)19.07.1993Parlophone1
18.The Man From Manhattan
& Brian May & Eddie Howell
19.Guide Me Home
& Montserrat Caballe
20.Love Kills / Living On My Own (The Egg mix) / I Was Born To Love You (George Demure Almost vocal mix) / Love Kills (Sunshine People club remix) / Love Kills (Pixel 82 mix)18.09.2006EMI Italy
21.We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions5/2008 Parlophone
22.We Will Rock You VonLichten
& Helmut Von Lichten
23.Bicycle Race11/2018
24.Ay-Oh (Live)11/2018
25.Time Waits For No One
produced by: Dave Clark

Roger Taylor:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Wanna Testify / Turn On The TV26.08.1977EMI
2.Future Management / Laugh Or Cry03.04.1981EMI49
3.Let's Get Crazy / Laugh Or Cry
(v USA)
4/1981 Elektra
4.My Country / Fun In Space6/1981 EMI
5.Man On Fire / Killing Time08.06.1984EMI66
6.Strange Frontier / I Cry For You
12" + Two Sharp Pencils
& Shakin' Stevens
9/1992 Epic36
8.Nazis 1994 / Nazis 1994 (radio mix)09.05.1994Parlophone24
9.Foreign Sand
12",CD + You Had To Be There / Final Destination
& Yoshiki
9/1994 Parlophone24
10.Happiness? / Ride The Wild Wind (live)
12" + Dear Mr. Murdoch / Everybody Hurts Sometime (live) / Old Friends (live)
CD + Loneliness / Dear Mr. Murdoch / I Want To Break Free (live)
11.Pressure On21.09.1998Parlophone45
13.The Unblinking Eye (Everything Is Broken)23.11.2009
14.Gangsters Are Running This World01.04.2019

Brian May:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Star Fleet / Son Of Star Fleet
& Friends
10/1983 EMI65
2.Who Wants To Live Forever / Who Wants To Live Forever (instrumental)
& Ian Meeson & Belinda Ghilett
9/1989 EMI
3.Driven By You / Just One Life (Dedicated To The Memory Of Philip Sayer)25.11.1991Parlophone6
4.Too Much Love Will Kill You / I'm Scared
CD + Too Much Love Will Kill You (guitar version) / Driven By You
8/1992 Parlophone4
5.We Are The Champions / Moontan
CD + Into The Light
& Hank Marvin
10/1992 Polydor66
6.Back To The Light / Nothing But Blue (guitar version)
CD1 + Blues Breaker
CD2 + Star Fleet / Let Me Out
7.Resurrection / Love Token
12",CD1 + Too Much Love Will Kill You (live)
CD2 + Driven By You / Back To The Light / Tie Your Mother Down (all live)
& Cozy Powell
8.Last Horizon / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head
CD + Last Horizon (live) / We Will Rock You (live)
12/1993 Parlophone51
9.The Man From Manhattan
& Freddie Mercury & Eddie Howell
10.The Business / Maybe Baby / Brian Talks / Enhanced Multimedia Section25.05.199851
11.On My Way Up / Maybe Baby / F.B.I.5/1998
12.Why Don't We Try Again31.08.1998Parlophone44
& Dappy
27.02.2012All Around The World/Island2
14.Save The Badger Badger Badger
& Weebl & Blessed
8/2013 Save The Badger79
15.New Horizons01.01.2019
16.Blue On Black
& Kenny Wayne Shepherd & Brantley Gilbert & Five Finger Death Punch
4/2019 66

John Deacon:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.No Turning Back / No Turning Back (Chocks Away Mix)
& The Immortals
5/1986 MCA


1. Queen's Greatest Flix - 12.10.1981, PMI, 60 min
2. We Will Rock You - 21.09.1984, Peppermint Video Music, live, 80 min, reissued 9/89
3. The Works EP - 05.11.1984, PMI, 20 min
4. Live In Rio - 13.05.1985, PMI
5. A Kind Of Magic - 1986, PMI
6. Live In Budapest - 2/1987, PMI
7. Bohemian Rhapsody - 5/1987, Gold Rushes
8. The Magic Years - 12/1987, PMI
9. Rare Live Video - 8/1989, PMI
10. The Miracle Video EP - 12/1989, PMI
11. Queen At Wembley - 08.12.1990, PMI, 75 min, directed by Gavin Taylor
12. Freddie Mercury Tribute - 12/1992, PMI
13. Champions Of The World ... Made In Heaven - 12/1995, EMI
14. Queen's Greatest Flix - 1997
15. Live At Milton Keynes 1982 - ?, live
16. Greatest Video Hits - 1/2003, EMI, 133 min
17. The Films - Made In Heaven - 2003
18. Live At Wembley Stadium - 6/2003, EMI, live, 300 min
19. Greatest Video Hits 2 - 12/2003, EMI, 2DVD
20. Queen on Fire: Live at the Bowl - 09.11.2004, Hollywood, live, 170 min
21. The Document - 09.04.2007
22. Queen Rock Montreal - 29.10.2007, Eagle Vision, live
23. Queen - A Night At The Odeon - Hammersmith 1975 - 20.11.2015, Virgin EMI, live

Freddie Mercury:

1. Freddie Mercury Video EP - 7/1986, Picture Music International
2. The Great Pretender - 3/1987, Picture Music International
3. Barcelona - 2/1989, Channel 5, & Montserrat Caballe
4. The Golden Boy - 1989, Polygram Music Video
5. Greatest Flix - 1991, Picture Music International
6. Video Collection - 10/2000, Parlophone
7. The Untold Story - 2000
8. Lover Of Life, Singer Of Songs - 05.09.2006, compilation

Brian May:

1. Live -7. 2.1994


1. Flash Gordon (1980, music by, directed by M. Hodges)
2. Race For Yankee Zephyr (music by B. May)
3. Highlander (1985, music by, directed by Russell Mulcahy)
4. Return To Eden (1985, music by B. May, serial, directed by Kevin Dobson/Art Nicholson)
5. Queen In Budapest
6. Bloodmoon (1990, music by Brian May, directed by A. Mills)
7. The Queen Phenomenon In The Lap Of The Gods (1995, directed by Rudi Dolezal, documentary)
8. Made In Heaven: The Films (1996)
9. Freddie Mercury: Who Wants to Live Forever (11/2016, documentary)
10. Bohemian Rhapsody (2.11.2018, biografie)
11. The Show Must Go On - The Queen + Adam Lambert Story (29.4.2019, ABC, documentary)


Yesterday - Today - Tomorrow
Ken Dean: The New Visual Documentary (1992)
Jackie Gunn, Jim Jenkins: As It Began (1992)
Stephen Rider: Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives (9/93)
Jim Hutton: Mercury And Me (11/1994)
Brian May: 40 Years Of Queen (2011, Goodman Books)
Brian May: Queen in 3-D (2017)


1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Single ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
1977 Brit Awards - Best British Single ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
1992 MTV Video Music Awards - Best Video From Film ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
1992 Brit Awards - Song Of The Year ("These Are The Days Of Our Lives")
1999 HMV Music Of The Millenium Poll

- Best Band No. 2
- Best Song ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
2000 TV Hits Awards - Best Song ("We Will Rock You", & Five)
2001 Observer All Time Number One Poll #2 ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
2001 Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
2002 Guiness World Records Britain's favourite single of all time ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
2004 UK Music Hall Of Fame
2004 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "Bohemian Rhapsody", 1976)
2005 Ivor Novello Awards - Outstanding Song Collection
2006 BBC Radio 2 Greatest British band of all time
2009 Grammy Hall Of Fame (SP "We Are The Champions" / "We Will Rock You"", 1977)
2011 BMI Awards - Icon Award
2011 MTV Europe Music Awards - Global Icon Award
2012 UK's Favourite Number One Single Of The Last 60 Years by Official Charts Company ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
2018 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award
2018 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "A Night At The Opera", 1975)
2019 Oscars
- Best Film Editing ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
- Best Sound Mixing ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
- Best Sound Editing ("Bohemian Rhapsody")
2019 American Music Awards - Favorite Soundtrack ("Bohemian Rhapsody")


1968-69 Smile
disbanded 4/1992
2/2005-5/2009 Queen And Paul Rodgers
od 2011 Queen

20.4.1992 Freddie Mercury Tribute (Wembley Stadium, London)

- poslední gig with appearances of Guns N'Roses, Metallica, Extreme, Spinal Tap, Annie Lennox, David Bowie, Elton John, Tony Iommi, George Michael, Paul Young, Roger Daltrey, Robert Plant, Ian Hunter, Mick Ronson, Lisa Stansfield, Def Leppard, Bob Geldoff, Liza Minelli, ...

10/1997 game Queen: The Eye (5 CD-ROM)
5/2002 musical "We Will Rock You"
30.4.2002 gig v Amsterdamu (National Queensday) - Brian May, Roger Taylor, Patti Russo (voc)

Compilation Appearances:
"We Will Rock You" / "We Are The Chapions" on OST "A Knight's Tale" (8.5.01, Columbia, & Robbie Williams)
"Radio Ga Ga" / "We Will Rock You" / "We Are The Champions" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI)
"Killer Queen" on compilation "The Cavern - The Most Famous Club In The World" (20.8.07)
"I Want It All" / "We Will Rock You" on OST "Sucker Punch" (22.3.11, with Armageddon aka Geddy)

Brian May:

appeared na tour Guns N'Roses (USA 1993, + Cozy Powell, Neil Murray, Spike Edney (kb), Jamie Moses (g), Cathy Porter (voc), Shelley Preston (voc))

appeared on the LP:

Ian Hunter: All American Alien Boy (18.5.76, CBS, voc)
Billy Squier: Signs Of Life (1984, Capitol)
Black Sabbath: Headless Cross (17.4.89, IRS)
Tony Martin: Back Where I Belong (1992, Polydor)
Cozy Powell: The Drums Are Back (1992, Electrola)
Judie Tzuke: Wonderland (9/92, Essential)
Hank Marvin: Into The Light (10/92, PolyGram TV)
Paul Rodgers: Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute To Muddy Waters (4/93, Victory)
Z: Shampoo Horn (1993, Food For Thought)
Carmine Appice: Guitar Zeus (12/95)
Yardbirds: Birdland (22.4.03, Favored Nations)
Meat Loaf: Bat Out Of Hell III (31.10.06, Virgin)
Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders: Red Light Fever (10.5.10)
Meat Loaf: Hang Cool Teddy Bear (4/10, Mercury)

appeared on the SP:
Eddie Howell: Man From Manhattan (2/76, Warner Bros)
Hank Marvin: We Are The Champions / Moontan (10/92, Polydor)
Lady Gaga: You And I (18.9.11)
Artful Badger & Friends: Badger Swagger (4.6.13)

produced by LP:
Heavy Petin': Lettin' Loose (1983, Polydor)
Bad News: Bad News (10/87, EMI)

produced by SP:
King's Daughters: Get Up (16.4.20)

Compilation Appearances:
"New Damage" (& Soundgarden) na Greenpeace compilation "Alternative NRG" (2/94, A&M, produced by Dave Wakelin)
"God Save The Queen" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI, feat. Roger Taylor & Ray Cooper)
"Move It" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI, & Cliff Richard & S Club 7)
"With A Little Help From My Friends" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI, & Joe Cocker & Steve Winwood)
"Someone To Die For" on OST "Music From and Inspired by Spider-Man 2" (22.6.04, Columbia, & Jimmy Gnecco)


2005 Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)
2012 PETA Person of the Year

Roger Taylor:

produced by LP:

Magnum: Vigilante (1986, Polydor)
Virginia Wolf: Virginia Wolf (1986, Atlantic)
Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders: Get The Money (8.11.19, Shanabelle)

appeared on the LP:
Ian Hunter: All American Alien Boy (18.5.76, CBS, voc)
Gary Numan: Dance (9/81, Beggar's Banquet)
Taylor Hawkins And The Coattail Riders: Red Light Fever (10.5.10)

Compilation Appearances:
"God Save The Queen" on live Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee LP "Party At The Palace" (24.6.02, EMI, & Brian May & Ray Cooper)


2019 Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE)

Freddie Mercury:

appeared on the SP:

Eddie Howell: Man From Manhattan (2/76, Warner Bros)

appeared on the LP:
Ian Hunter: All American Alien Boy (18.5.76, CBS)

produced by SP:
Eddie Howell: Man From Manhattan (2/76, Warner Bros)

produced by LP:
Peter Straker: This One's On Me (25.11.77, EMI)

John Deacon:

appeared on the SP:

The Immortals: No Turning Back (5/86, MCA)

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