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Prague, Czech Republic



Matěj Ruppert - voc
Oldřich Krejčoves - g
Pavel Mrázek - bg
Ondřej Brousek - kb
Martin Houdek - ds
Roman Holý - kb,voc

Former Members:

Tonya Graves (voc, cca 5/05-12/16)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Why Be In If You Could Be Out?3/2000 Sony Music Bonton
2.Save The Robots
featuring: Robert Howard (voc), Raymond Davis (voc), Clarence Haskins (voc), Dennis Chambers (ds), Fred Wesley (tr)
12/2001 Sony Music/Bonton
3.Resistance Is Futile25.08.2003Sony Music/Bonton
4.Kiss Me On My Ego
featuring: Glenn Hughes (bg), David Sanborn (g), Hiram Bullock (g)
6/2005 Sony Music
5.Objects of Desire and Other Complications6/2007 Sony BMG
6.Twilight Of Jesters?23.02.2009Sony Music
7.Happiness Of Postmodern Age3/2013
8.Sex And Sport? Never!21.05.2015

Tonya Graves:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Back To Blues11/2015 Supraphon

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Monkedelic Phunk (Angel Alanis remix & Vitamin D remix)20.08.2001Phunked Up
3.My Life Would Suck Without You29.05.2009Global Airbeatz
4.The Ferry Tales2/2013
5.My Life Would Suck Without You30.09.2016Global Airbeatz


1. Lazy Youth Old Beggars - 6/2004, live 4DVD
2. Peeing With The Pstarringtariat - Live at Sazka Arena - 2/2008, Sony BMG, live, 159 min


2000 Rock & Pop Rock Awards - objev Czech
2001 Czech Music Academy Awards

- Best New Artist
- Band of the Year
2001 Rock & Pop Rock Awards - Band of the Year Czech
2003 the Czech Republic Angel Awards - Album of the Year pop ("Resistance Is Futile")
2004 the Czech Republic Angel Awards - DVD of the Year ("Lazy Youth Old Beggars")
2006 the Czech Republic Angel Awards
- Best Recording (LP "Kiss Me On My Ego")
- Album of the Year pop & dance (LP "Kiss Me On My Ego")
2007 the Czech Republic Angel Awards
- Best Video ("Kit Bike")
- Album of the Year pop & dance ("Objects Of Desire And Other Complications")
- Best Album Cover ("Objects Of Desire And Other Complications")
2009 the Czech Republic Angel Awards - Band of the Year
2019 the Czech Republic Angel Awards - Band of the Year

WWW Links:


Matěj Ruppert:

appeared on the LP:

Xavier Baumaxa & Hněddé smyčce: Coveranto (5/10, EMI)


2006 Czech Music Awards - skokan roku - zpěvák
2006 the Czech Republic Angel Awards - Best Male Vocal
2007 the Czech Republic Angel Awards - Best Male Vocal

Ondřej Brousek:

appeared on the LP:

Tereza Černochová: Small Monstrosities (1/08)

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