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Personal Data:

Born: 22.01.1924 (Indianapolis, Indiana, USA, as James Louis Johnson)
Died: 03.02.2001 (accidentally shot himself)
JOHNSON J.J. (photo)


1948-3/54 Miles Davis
cca 1954 Miles Davis All-Stars

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.J.J. In Person?
2.Sonny Stitt / Bud Powell / J.J. Johnson
& Bud Powell & Sonny Stitt
1950 Universal
3.Eminent J.J. Johnson 122.06.1953Universal
4.Kai & Jay: Bennie Green with Strings
& Kai Winding & Bennie Green
1954 Universal
5.Trombone by Three
& Kai Winding & Bennie Green
1956 Universal
6.Blue Trombone
credited to: J.J. Johnson Quartet
1957 Sony
7.First Place
credited to: J.J. Johnson Quartet
8.J Is for Jazz23.01.1957
9.El Camino Real1959
10.Really Livin'1959
11.J.J. Inc1960 Sony
12.Stan Getz and J.J. Johnson at the Opera House
& Stan Getz
13.The Great Kai & J.J.
& Kai Winding
15.J.J.'s Broadway1963
16.The Total J.J.Johnson1966
17.Willie Dynamite1974 Geffen
18.The Yokohama Concert
20.The Mad Be Bop11/1979 Savoy
21.Concept In Blue1981
22.Things Are Getting Better All The Time1983
23.We'll Be Together Again1985
24.Quintergy1/1991 Antilles
26.Dial J.J. 525.03.1999
27.Nuf Said
& Kai Winding
20.06.2000Avenue Jazz
28.The Eminent, Volume 217.07.2001Blue Note
29.Origins: The Savoy Sessions16.07.2002Savoy Jazz
30.Yokohama Concert
31.Cape Verdean Blues
& Horace Silver Quintet
23.03.2004Blue Note
32.Proper Introduction to J.J. Johnson: Bone-O-Logy30.11.2004Proper
33.Complete Fifties Studio Recordings
& Kai Winding Quintet
16.08.2005Lonehill Jazz
34.Complete '60s Big Band Recordings18.06.2007Phono
35.J.J.!11.12.2007Mosaic Select
36.Trombone for Two11.12.2007Mosaic Select
37.Trombone Master26.02.2008Sbme Special MKTS.
39.Complete Recordings16.06.2009Fresh Sounds
40.Play Mack the Knife & Other Kurt Weill Songs08.09.2009Lone Hill Jazz
41.Jay and Kai07.12.2010Columbia
42.At the Opera House27.03.2012
43.Proof Positive19.06.2012Universal
44.Jay Jay Johnson With Clifford Brown15.07.2014Blue Note
45.Plays Mack the Knife / Trombone & Voices07.04.2015Phoenix Jazz

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Jay Jay Johnson
22.07.2015Blue Note

Press References:

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