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Personal Data:

Born: 07.02.1974 (Detroit, Michigan, USA, as James Yancey)
Died: 10.02.2006 (heart attack)
J DILLA (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Welcome 2 Detroit27.02.2001BBE
2.Donuts06.02.2006Stone's Throw
3.The Shining22.08.2006BBE
4.The Shining (instrumentals)09.10.2006BBE
5.Ruff Draft19.03.2007Stones Throw
6.Jay Love Japan26.06.2007Fat Beats Distribution, Inc
7.Ruff Draft (instrumentals)02.07.2007Stones Throw
8.Jay Deelicious 95-98: The Delicious Vinyl Years: Originals, Remixes, & Rarities21.08.2007Bicycle Music Company
9.European Vacation
& Frank-n-Dank
10.Instrumental Joints Volume 1
11.Dillanthology 1: J Dilla's Productions for Var31.03.2009Rapster
12.Jay Stay Paid29.05.2009Nature Sounds 96
13.Originals: A Continous Mix Of Funk & Soul As Sampled By J Dilla06.08.2009Boom Box
14.Rebirth Of Detroit11.06.2012Ruff Draft
15.The Detroit Genius12.06.2012GL
16.Music From the Lost Scrolls, Vol. 105.02.2013Delicious Vinyl
17.48 Hours Instrumentals05.02.2013Delicious Vinyl
18.Rebirth Of Detroit Instrumentals
20.04.2013Ruff Draft
19.Dilla Lost Tapes04.05.2013Mahogani
20.Give Them What They Want06.05.2014Pay Jay
21.Beats Batch 120.01.2015Traffic Entertainment Group
22.Beats Batch 220.01.2015Traffic Entertainment Group
23.Beats Batch 320.01.2015Traffic Entertainment Group
24.Smell The Daisy
& De La Soul
25.Shining Pt. 2 + Instrumental / Last Instrumental
& Magnif
18.09.2015Fat Beats Distribtion, Inc
26.Dillatronic, Vol. 130.10.2015Fat Beats Distribtion, Inc
27.Dillatronic, Vol. 230.10.2015Fat Beats Distribtion, Inc
28.Dillatronic, Vol. 330.10.2015Fat Beats Distribtion, Inc
29.The Shining (instrumentals)
30.The Diary of J Dilla15.04.2016Pay Jay 77
31.The Diary Instrumentals01.07.2016Pay Jay
32.The King of Beats05.08.2016Yancey Media Group

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Second Time Around / Fish Fillet
& Sa Ra & Pharoahe Monch
24.10.2005Sound In Color
2.Shaman Re:Worked - Homeland (Floe Almighty (Desperado remix) / Warm Outside (He Got Game remix) / There's A War Going On (Hotel Rwanda remix) / Floe Almighty (Desperado instrumental remix) / Warm Outside (He Got Game instrumental remix) / There's A War Going On (Hotel Rwanda instrumental remix))
& Shaman & Edgar Allen Floe & CL Smooth & Wale Oyejide
28.08.2006Shaman Work
3.The Shining EP 2 (Won't Do (dirty) / Won't Do (clean) / Won't Do (instrumental) / Love Jones (extended) / Jungle Love (dirty) / Jungle Love (instrumental))22.01.2007BBE
4.Wild / Make 'em NV26.02.2007Stones Throw
5.See (Suite) / Mash's Revenge
& Doom & Guilty & Supreme Team & Karriem Riggins
29.10.2007Stones Throw
6.Pandemonium / Louder (Clapper's Stepson)
& Roc C & Oh No
21.04.2008Stones Throw
7.Much More / Shoomp
& De La Soul
8.Reality Check12.05.2009Nature Sounds
9.Jay Dee's Revenge / Birthright28.05.2012RDR
10.Dillatroit EP
(Birthright / Feel This Shit / The Best That Ever Did It / Lets Pray Together / Ride With It / Say My Name / Dillatroit / Detroit Madness / Possible / Mind Yo Business / Rebirth Is Necessary / Pitfalls)
11.Music From The Lost Scrolls Vol 1 EP
(Dewitt To Do It / Smack A Bitch / The Throwaway / Ruff & Rugged)
04.02.2013Delicious Vinyl
12.Lost Tapes, Reels + More EP09.04.2013Mahogani
13.Anthem / Trucks15.04.2013Pay Jay
14.Dillatroit EP
(Birthright / Feel This Shit / The Best That Ever Did It / Lets Pray Together / Ride With It / Say My Name / Dillatroit / Detroit Madnes / Possible / Mind Yo Business / Rebirth Is Necessary / Pitfalls)
15.Diamonds & Ice EP
(Diamonds - The Shining (part 1) / Diamonds - The Shining (part 1 - alternate) / Diamonds - The Shining (part 1 - instrumental) / Ice - The Shining (part 2) / Ice - The Shining (part 2 - Ruff Draft verison) / Ice - The Shining (part 2 - instrumental) / The D)
19.08.2013Pay Jay
16.Give Them What They Want / The Doe / No One's Home24.05.2014Pay Jay
17.Beats Batch 315.01.2015Yancey Media Group
18.Beats Batch 416.01.2015Yancey Media Group
19.Fuck The Police05.06.2015Pay Jay
20.Anthem / Trucks17.06.2015Pay Jay
21.The Shining Part 2 EP
(The Shining (part 2) / The Last / The Shining (part 2 - instrumental) / The Last (instrumental))
& Magnif
23.10.2015Ghostly International


1. Timeless - 04.06.2010, Mochilla, 3DVD, & Arthur Verocai & Mulatu Astatke