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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Refers
Linz, Austria
*  1992

Line-Up (2000):

Phred Phinster - voc,bg
Mournful Morales - g
Gary Gloom - g
Collossos Rossos - ds

Former Members:

Manfred Klahre (voc,bg, 1992-cca 1997)
Robert Hackl (g, 1992-cca 1997)
Martin Kollross (ds, 1992-cca 1997)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Eden1996 CCP
2.Elsewhere1997 CCP
3.Glow Dying Sun01.02.1999CCP
4.Gloom Rock Asylum10/2000 Serenades

Press References:

Big Beng!
19973325.09.1997125Hard & Heavy Masters
20002223.11.200038Forum kritikumalbum review