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Calendar for 21.10.2019

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Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Synergy / Love Injection / Every Saturday15.03.1999Smoke Free
2.Nutty Processor / Rich Art
& Joff Roach
19.04.1999Vinyl Inside
3.2000 Club Nights / Made In Taiwan / Conquest26.04.1999Smoke Free
4.Shaken Not Stirred / Music 4 Millions07.06.1999white label
5.Pluck Funkin / I've Got Love
vs Acetate & Ramon Lafour
6.What I Need / High Value / Music 4 Tha Millions22.11.1999Smoke Free
7.Inside Out / Can't Sit Down
& Joff Roach
13.12.1999Vinyl Inside
8.Revelation / Subwoofer
& Ramon Lafour
29.05.2000Fofo 44
9.Dance Europe Express / Satisfaction Guaranteed
& Joff Roach
29.05.2000Big Buckz
10.Programmable / Right Out / Git On05.06.2000Smoke
11.Throwin The Hammer / Earth Boots
& Joff Roach
26.06.2000Big Buckz
12.Tables Turning / Freak Music
& Joff Roach
02.10.2000Big Buckz
13.Reality Check / Digital Trigger / Pure Phase16.10.2000Smoke
14.Reporting Utility EP
(Reporting Utility / Flash Tone / Pegado)
& Free Spirit & Talespin
22.01.2001Tri Lamb
15.Running Wild / Electric Spirits
& Joff Roach
19.02.2001Big Buckz
16.Tripleds / Comfort Zone12.03.2001Smoke
17.Static / Essence02.04.2001Smoke
18.Privacy Policy / The Active04.06.2001Odyssee
19.Hits In Tricks / Solar Split18.06.2001Smoke
20.Denon / Sentinal
feat DJ Larry
27.05.2002Tri Lamb
21.Impressions EP
(Royal Melodies / Vegas)
& Warren Fellow
22.My Way / Walk My Talk
& Jellisimo
12.12.2005Captivating Sounds
23.My Hause / Aural Exciter / 3 In 1
& Jeff Bounce
30.01.2006BPM Legends
24.Feel Good EP
(Feel Good (Tim J mix) / Feel Good (Allan Siades mix) / Feel Good (Warren Fellow mix))
& Allan Siades & Warren Fellow
25.Understand Me27.11.2006Smoke
26.4 Corners EP
(Flamiliarize (Alex Flatner remix) / Flamiliarize / Stryder / White Rose)
& Vendetta & Alex Flatner & Chris Zimmer
25.02.2008Bad Girls
27.Lost Tracks Part Two EP
(First Count / Minitrac (Philogresz Remakesz) / Penoze Inc / Sweex)
& Francesco Pico & Roell Sapphire & Penoze Inc