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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various
Coatbridge, Scotland, GB
*  1985


Patrick Kane - voc
Gregory Kane - kb

Former Members:

Nigel Clark (g, 1985-91); Bobby Henry (g, cca 1992); Brian McFie (g, cca 1992)
James Finnigan (bg, 1985-cca 1988); Will Lee (bg, cca 1988); Ewen Vernal (bg, cca 1991)
Tony McCracken (ds, 1985-cca 1988); Mark Forshaw (ds, cca 1991)
Calum Malcolm (kb, cca 1991)
Tommy Smith (sax, cca 1998)
Neil Weir (tr, cca 1992); Graham Weir (tr, cca 1992)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Seduced And Abandoned10/1987 Circa22
2.Remote / The Bitter Suite10/1988 Circa10
3.Stars Crash Down6/1991 Circa10
4.Truth And Love8/1992 Fidelity33
5.Labours Of Love - The Best Of Hue And Cry05.04.1993Circa27
6.Showtime8/1994 Permanent
7.The Best Of Hue And Cry5/1995 Virgin
8.Piano & Voice11/1995 Permanent
9.Open Soul15.09.2008Blairhill
10.Bitter Suite Again07.12.2010Ais
11.Hot Wire19.03.2012Blairhill
12.Remote: Major To Minor05.08.2014Blairhill
13.September Songs30.10.2015Blairhill

Nigel Clark:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Grand Hotel Europa13.03.2001Arkadia Jazz
2.In Concert: Live from Scotland10.11.2009Arkadia Jazz
3.Tell Me Once Again
& Carol Kidd
4.Confetti Falling in the Rain
& Colette Cassidy

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Here Comes Everybody / From First To Last / The Success Of Monetarism2/1986 Stampede
2.I Refuse / Joe And Josephine
MC + Shipbuilding / Dangerous Wreck / Tempted
5/1986 Circa85
3.Labour Of Love / Widescreen
12" + I Refuse / Goodbye To Me
12/1986 Circa6
4.Strenght To Strenght / Dangerous Wreck
12",MC + Seen It All
9/1987 Circa46
5.I Refuse / Indifference
MC + Just One Word (live)
12" + Kiss / Something Warmer
CD + History City (live) / Labour Of Love (Superbad version)
1/1988 Circa47
6.Ordinary Angel / I Am John's Heart
10" + He Won't Smile / Remote
12" + Hymn To Hands
CD + Spending You
10/1988 Circa42
7.Looking Up For Linda / He Won't Smile
12" + Under Neon
CD + Remote
1/1989 Circa14
8.Violently (Your Words Hit Me) / The Man With The Child In His Eyes
7",12",CD + Calamity John / Rolling Home
4/1989 Circa17
9.Sweet Invisibility / Greenock Time9/1989 Circa55
10.Peaceful Face / Mother Glasgow
10",12",CD + A Change Is Gonna Come
12/1989 Circa83
11.My Salt Heart / White Collar
12" + Poets Day
CD + Poets Day / Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours) / He's Mistra Know It All
5/1991 Circa47
12.Long Term Lovers Of Pain EP
(Long Term Lovers Of Pain / Heart Of Saturday Night / Rememberance And Gold / Stars Crash Down)
7/1991 Circa48
13.Profoundly Yours / New State
CD + Pawn Of The Weekend
14.Labour Of Love (Remixes)01.03.1993Circa25
15.Just Say You Love Me / Wrong Question, Right Answer / She's Not There Martha7/1994 Permanent
CD + Vision / Do I Do
9/1994 Permanent


Gregory Kane:

appeared on the LP:

Jim Diamond: City Of Soul (2011)