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Line-Up Ex-Members Albums Singles Various Refers
*  1980

Line-Up (2003):

Chris Boltendahl - voc
Manni Schmidt - g
Jens Becker - bg
Stefan Arnold - ds
H.P. Katzenburg - kb

Former Members:

Peter Masson (g, cca 1984-4/86); Uwe Lulis (g, 1986-87, 1992-cca 6/00)

Willi Lackman (bg, cca 1984); Rene T. Bone (bg, cca 1985); Jochen Wiek (bg, cca 1986); Chris Brank (bg, cca 1986-87); Tomi Göttlich (bg, 1992-cca 11/96)

J.J. Börner (ds, cca 1986); Albert Eckhard (ds, do 1987); Peter Breitenbach (ds, 1992-?); Jörg Michael (ds, cca 1993); Frank Ulrich (ds, 4/94-12/95)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Heavy Metal Breakdown1984 Noise
2.Witch Hunter1985 Noise
3.War Games1986 Noise
4.Stronger Than Ever1986 Noise
5.The Reaper11/1993 G.U.N.
6.The Best Of Grave Digger31.01.1994
7.Symphony Of Death
(mini LP)
5/1994 G.U.N.
8.Heart Of Darkness18.04.1995G.U.N.
9.Tunes Of War16.09.1996Gun/BMG
10.The Dark Of The Sun
(mini LP)
11.Knights Of The Cross11.05.1998Gun/BMG
12.Excalibur9/1999 Gun/BMG
13.The Grave Digger22.10.2001Nuclear Blast
14.Tunes Of Wacken Live3/2002 Gun/BMG
produced by: Chris Boltendahl/Resetti Brothers
26.05.2003Nuclear Blast
16.Lost Tunes From The Vault10/2003 Gun/BMG
17.Last Supper22.03.2005Nuclear Blast
18.25 to Live09.05.2006Locomotive Music
19.Yesterday10.10.2006Locomotive Music
20.Liberty Or Death15.01.2007Locomotive Music
22.Ballads Of A Hangman20.01.2009Napalm
23.Clans Will Rise Again12.10.2010Napalm
24.The Ballad Of Mary15.03.2011Napalm
25.The Clans Are Still Marching15.03.2011Napalm
26.Home At Last24.07.2012Napalm
27.Clash of the Gods11.09.2012Napalm
28.Return Of The Reaper15.07.2014Napalm
29.Let Your Heads Roll: The Very Best of the Noise Years 1984-198727.05.2016Sanctuary
30.Healed By Metal13.01.2017Napalm
31.The Living Dead9/2018
32.Fields Of Blood6/2020

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Shot Her Down EP1984
2.Healed by Metal18.11.2016ADA
3.Call for War02.12.2016Napalm


1986-87 Digger

disbanded 1987
reunited 1992

demo "Return Of The Reaper"

Compilation Appearances:

"We Rock" on Ronnie James Dio tribute LP "Holy Dio" (12.7.99, Century Media)

Uwe Lulis:

appeared on the LP:

Enola Gay: Pressure (27.1.97, Cream)

produced by LP:
Imagika: And So It Burns (25.9.00, Massacre)
Total Eclipse: Ashes Of Eden (4/03, Limb)

Chris Boltendahl:

appeared on the LP:

White Skull: Tales From The North (8/99, Nuclear Blast)
Imagika: And So It Burns (25.9.00, Massacre)

Press References:

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