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London, GB
*  1970

Line-Up (2011):

Keith Emerson - kb
Greg Lake - g,bg
Carl Palmer - ds

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Emerson, Lake And Palmer20.11.1970Island4 18
2.Tarkus28.05.1971Island1 9
3.Pictures At An Exhibition26.11.1971Island3 7
4.Trilogy6/1972 Island2 5
5.Brain Salad Surgery
produced by: Carl Palmer
26.10.1973Manticore2 11
6.Welcome Back, My Friends, To The Show That Never Ends - Ladies And Gentlemen, Emerson, Lake And Palmer
produced by: Greg Lake
02.08.1974Manticore6 4
produced by: Greg Lake
11.03.1977WEA9 12
8.Works, Volume 2
produced by: ELP
18.11.1977Atlantic20 37
9.Love Beach18.11.1978Atlantic48 55
10.In Concert23.11.1979Atlantic 29
11.The Best Of Emerson, Lake And Palmer11/1980 Atlantic
12.Black Moon4/1992 Victory 78
13.The Atlantic Years
7/1992 Atlantic
14.Live At The Royal Albert Hall2/1993 London
15.Works Live
16.The Return Of The Manticore
(4CD box set)
12/1993 Victory
17.In The Hot Seat27.09.1994London
18.The Best Of Emerson, Lake And Palmer13.11.1995Essential
19.Then & Now02.11.1998Eagle/edel
20.The Very Best Of Emerson, Lake & Palmer06.06.2000Rhino
21.Original Bootleg Series From Manticore Vaults
24.Greatest Hits Live21.10.2003King Biscuit
25.The Ultimate Collection6/2004 Sanctuary43
26.Critical Review 1970-199211.01.2005Classic Rock Legends
27.Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 197025.01.2005Sanctuary
28.Live Broadcasts25.07.2006Classic Rock Legends
29.Pomp & Ceremony: Live24.10.2006Music Deluxe
30.Essential Emerson, Lake & Palmer30.01.2007Shout! Factory
31.Come and See the Show: The Best of Emerson, Lake & Palmer08.04.2008Shout! Factory
32.Lucky Man and Other Hits05.08.2008Documents Classics
33.The Sprocket Sessions29.06.2010Lemon
34.High Voltage15.07.2010Sanctuary
35.Time and a Place
20.07.2010Shout! Factory
36.Live at the High Voltage Festival
37.Live At Nassau Coliseum '7822.02.2011Shout! Factory
38.Live At the Mar Y Sol Festival '7206.12.2011Shout! Factory
39.Live in California 197411.12.2012Shout! Factory
40.Platinum Best29.10.2013JVC
41.Live in Montreal, 197711.11.2013Shout! Factory
42.Live at Montreux, 199712.11.2013Shout! Factory
43.Live at Montreux & Documentary04.02.2014
44.Many Faces of Emerson Lake & Palmer17.03.2015
45.Once Upon a Time Live In South America31.03.2015Rockbeat
46.Live in Switzerland, 199716.04.2016Rock Classics
47.The Anthology

Keith Emerson:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Summit Meeting
& Dr John & Todd Rundgren & Linda Ronstadt
5/1976 Charisma
2.Inferno12/1980 Atlantic
4.Armageddon3/1985 Chord
5.Honky4/1985 Chord
6.Murderock5/1986 Chord
7.Best Revenge
& John Coleman
10/1986 Chord
8.Armageddon / China Free Fall
& Derek Austin
2/1987 Chord
9.The Keith Emerson Collection10/1988 Chord
10.Emerson - The Christmas Album11/1988 Priority
11.Changing States06.06.1995Esoteric
12.La Chiesa
& Goblin
13.Hammer It Out: The Anthology19.07.2005Castle Music
14.Off the Shelf25.04.2006Sanctuary
15.At the Movies23.05.2006Castle Music
16.Moscow28.06.2011Varese Sarabande
17.The Boys Club: Live from California
& Glenn Hughes & Marc Bonilla
03.09.2013Varese Sarabande
18.Live From Manticore Hall
& Greg Lake
19.Keith Emerson Trio
credited to: Keith Emerson Trio
20.Live Boston 1988
& Carl Palmer & Robert Berry
03.06.2016Floating World

Carl Palmer:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.One More Time: Anthology09.10.2001Castle/Windsong
2.Working Live, Vol. 110.02.2004Sanctuary
3.Working Live, Vol. 209.11.2004Sanctuary
4.Quango: Live in the Hood16.09.2008Abstract Sounds
5.Working Live, Vol. 319.10.2010Eagle
6.The Solo11.03.2014
7.Decade: 10th Anniversary Celebrating the Music of Emerson Lake & Palmer11.03.2014
8.Live Boston 1988
& Keith Emerson & Robert Berry
03.06.2016Floating World
credited to: Carl Palmer's ELP Legacy

Greg Lake:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Greg Lake10/1981 62
2.Gary Moore & Greg Lake
& Gary Moore
3.Greatest Hits Live21.10.2003King Biscuit
4.From the Beginning: Retrospective14.02.2006Sanctuary
5.From the Underground, Vol. 125.05.2010Lemon
6.From the Underground, Vol. 225.05.2010Lemon
7.Live on the King Biscuit Flower Hour29.06.2010Lemon
8.Manoeuvres01.02.2011Rock Candy
9.Songs of a Lifetime05.03.2013Esoteric Antenna
10.Live From Manticore Hall
& Keith Emerson
11.London '8107.08.2015Cleopatra
12.Ride the Tiger
& Geoff Downes

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Lucky Man / Knife Edge3/1971 Cotillion 48
2.Stones Of Years / A Time And A Place
(v USA)
9/1971 Cotillion
3.Nutrocker / The Great Gates Of Kiev3/1972 Cotillion 70
4.From The Beginning / Living Sin8/1972 Cotillion 39
5.Lucky Man / Knife Edge
12/1972 Cotillion 51
6.Jerusalem / When The Apple Blossoms Blooms In The Windmills Of Your Mind, I'll Be Your Valentine21.12.1973Manticore
7.Fanfare For The Common Man / Brain Salad Surgery
produced by: Greg Lake
5/1977 Atlantic2
8.All I Want Is You / Tiger In A Spotlight11/1978 Atlantic
9.Peter Gunn (live) / Knife Edge (live)12/1979 Atlantic
10.Black Hole / Miles Iz Dead
12",CD + A Blade Of Grass
5/1992 Victory
11.Affairs Of The Heart / Better Days
CD + A Blade Of Grass / Black Moon
11/1992 London

Greg Lake:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.I Believe In Father Christmas / Humbug
produced by: Pete Sinfield
21.11.1975Manticore1 95
2.I Believe In Father Christmas
3.C'est La Vie / Jeremy Bender8/1977 Atlantic 91
4.Watching Over You / Hallowed Be Thy Name10.02.1978Atlantic
5.I Believe In Father Christmas
6.Let Me Love You Once11/1981 Chrysalis 48
7.I Believe In Father Christmas / Humbug
11/1982 Manticore72
8.I Believe In Father Christmas / Humbug
12/1983 Manticore65
9.I Believe In Father Christmas
12/1984 84
10.I Believe In Father Christmas12/2016 Sanctuary79

Keith Emerson:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Honky Tonk Train Blues / Barrel House Shake-Down
produced by: Keith Emerson
2.Taxi Ride (Rome) / Mater Tenebarum19.09.1980Atlantic
3.I'm A Man / Nighthawks4/1981 MCA
4.Up The Elephant And Round The Castle12/1983 Red Bus
5.We Three Kings Of Orient Are / Captain Starship Hopkins12/1988 Emerson
6.Troika (The Christmas Single)12/1995 Amp


1. Live At The Royal Albert Hall - 26.2.2007, Sanctuary, live
2. Pictures At An Exhibition - 24.7.2010, Eagle Vision


1. Pictures At An Exhibition (1972)
2. Inferno (Keith Emerson)
3. Nighthawks (1981, directed by Bruce Malmuth/Gary Nelson, music by Keith Emerson)


1970 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Brightest Hope
1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll

- Britain's Top Group
- Album Of The Year ("Tarkus")
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll
- Best British Single ("Fanfare For The Common Man")
- Best British Album ("Works")
- Best International Single ("Fanfare For The Common Man")
- Best International Album ("Works")


disbanded 2/1980
reunited 1987
disbanded 1989
reunited 1992
gig 2.10.1992 Royal Albert Hall

Greg Lake:

produced by LP:

Keith Christmas: Brighter Day (11.10.74, Manticore)

produced by SP:
Spontaneous Combustion: Lonely Singer (26.11.71, Harvest)

Carl Palmer:

produced by LP:

Back Door: Activate (28.5.76, Warner Bros)

appeared on the LP:
Mike Oldfield: Five Miles Out (1981, Virgin)


1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Best International Drummer
1975 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best International Drums
1976 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Drums
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Drums

Keith Emerson:

appeared on the LP:

Tempest: Turn Of The Wheel (2/96, Roadrunner)
Glenn Hughes: The Way It Is (29.3.99)
Spinal Tap: Back From The Dead (15.6.09)


1971 Melody Maker Pop Poll - Best International Pianist/Organist
1977 Melody Maker Readers' Poll - Best Keyboards

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