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Norwich, GB


Jay Hurren
Alex Banks
Kelly Richards - voc

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.E-Z Rollers10.06.1996Moving Shadow
2.Dimensions Of Sun15.07.1996Moving Shadow
3.Weekend World25.05.1998Moving Shadow
4.Dimensions Of Sound07.06.1999
5.Titles Of The Unexpected03.02.2003Moving Shadow
6.Moving Shadow Shadow
7.Lickable Beats 206.06.2005Intercom

Alex Banks:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Rolled Into One25.07.2004Moving Shadow
2.Remixes9/1994 Moving Shadow
3.Retro / Subtropic10.03.1997Moving Shadow
4.Synthesia20.05.1997Moving Shadow
5.Retro (remix) / Quantum State25.08.1997Audio Couture
6.25 Alpha / Spin Out II17.11.1997Moving Shadow
7.Tough At The Top30.03.1998Moving Shadow
8.Movin' Target / Diablo17.08.1998Moving Shadow
9.Hang On19.10.1998Moving Shadow
10.Weekend World Remix09.11.1998Moving Shadow
11.Walk This Land12.04.1999Moving Shadow18
12.Science Funktion / Visions
& Fellowship
12.07.1999Moving Shadow
13.Tough At The Top '9920.09.1999Moving Shadow
14.Rollcage Stage 2 Sampler EP
(Deadline / Breakbeat Generation / Secret Life)
& Technical Itch & Omni Trio
13.03.2000Moving Shadow
15.Shark Food / Meatball
& Tekniq
17.04.2000Moving Shadow
16.RS2000 / Science Funktion
CD + Cops Don't Like Us
19.06.2000Moving Shadow
17.10.08 EP
(Rolled Into One (Photek remix) / So This Is Love / Planet Neptune)
& Essence Of Aura & Blame
19.02.2001Moving Shadow
18.10.12 EP
(Tough At The Top (instrumental) / Contemporary Accousticz Jam / The Vandal)
& Flytronix & Dom & Matrix
28.05.2001Moving Shadow
19.Back To Love / One Crazy Diva27.01.2003Moving Shadow61
20.Walk This Land (Paradise mix, '99 mix)
24.02.2003Moving Shadow
21.The Drum & Bass Fiesta EP
(Ready For Love / Make Me Wanna / Sky High / Cuba Gooding)
& Sonic & Artificial Intelligence & Pedro Karcus
22.Titles Of The Unexpected: Outakes & Missing Breaks Vol 1
(Tough At The Top (EZ Rollers remix) / Submission (Tommy Knocker remix)
/ Walk This Land (Koma & Bones dub) / You'll Never Know / Tu Ruf)
28.07.2003Moving Shadow
23.Lickable Beats
(Crowd Rocker / Tonight)
& 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch
Lickable Beats
(Crowd Rocker (Distorted Minds remix) / Roule)
& Tommy Knocker
24.Titles Of The Unexpected: Outakes & Missing Breaks Vol 2 EP
(Dust (Concord Dawn remix) / RS 2000 (Fillibuster remix) / Lady Jam / Take It E-Z)
29.09.2003Moving Shadow
25.Lickable Beats (Part 2)
(Roadrunner / Midnight Express / Airborne Phunk / Fell The Music)
& Tommy Knocker & 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch
26.Lickable Beats (Part 3)
(Roadrunner (remix) / High On You / Change Is Coming / Mad About The House)
& Tommy Knocker & 60 Minute Man & DJ Touch
27.Road Rage / Another Flight
& Distorted Minds
24.05.2004D Styles
28.Dust (2004 remix) / Rhyme & Punishment08.11.2004Moving Shadow
29.New Skool Blazers: A Global Selection Of New Skool Drum & Bass EP
(Enough Is Enough / Mr Wolf / Discofred / In Session / Ruff / Pawn)
14.03.2005New Skool Blazers
30.Deathsport / Stray Dogs (Lickable Beats 2 album sampler)09.05.2005Intercom
31.Lickable Beats Volume 2
(Belagio / Showtime (EZ Rollers remix) / Portugal / The Sermon)
& Entity & Flytronix
32.The Drum & Bass Fiesta Remixes 2
(Get On Down (DJ Die remix) / Ready For Love (DJ Clipz remix))
& Lemon D
33.Believe (DJ Marky & XRS remix) / Rolled Into One (EZ Rollers remix)03.10.2005Moving Shadow
34.Caister / Mr Fingers30.01.2006Intercom
35.Portugal (EZ Rollers remix) / Bellagio (remix)
& Entity
36.Tough At The Top13.03.2006Moving Shadow
37.The Sound Of Movement presents The Rumba Sessioins Vol II (Triple Pack)
(Made In Bahia / Joy U Give / Delicious (Ed Funk & Mace remix) / Suenos Different (Commix remix) / Good Love / Feel It)
& Supply & Demand & DJ Suv & Total Science & Danny C & Addiction & DJ Patife & Dextrous
38.Summer Triple 4
(All For Love / Brazil Is Back / Caister / Mr Fingers / You Can't Hide / Automatic Lyric)
& Tommy Knocker
39.Rancho Notorious / In The City05.02.2007Intercom
40.Mousetrap / Fly Away26.03.2007Intercom
41.Keeps Me Loving You / Lost & Found21.05.2007Intercom
42.Conductor EP
(Go To Electro / Happy Now / Coming Home / We Got Vibes)
43.Let's Give In / Liar Liar
& Tali
44.Here I Am16.06.2009Mastermind
Here I Am / Veteran
& Basher
45.Pages / Jazz 95
& Paul SG
08.09.2010Digital Colours
46.Badman Shoes
feat Darrison
47.Bikini Beach / Riverside
& Madcap & Jaybee
14.11.2013Good Looking

Alex Banks:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.All You Could Do / Phosphorus13.05.2014Monkeytown
2.Modeselektor Presents Modeselektion Vol 3 #2 EP
(Be The One / Blast / We Are Bankrupt / Jungle Love)
& Henrik Schwarz & Onra & Brandt Brauer Frick & Vic Mensa & Om'mas Keith
3.A Matter of Time16.09.2014Monkeytown


produced by SP:

Skyjack: Light The Fuse / Lo Fi Echoes (21.12.98, Intercom)

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