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London, GB
*  7/1976+  12/1985

Line-Up (1985):

CLASH (photo)

Joe Strummer - voc,g
Vince White - g
Paul Simonon - bg
Nick Sheppard - g
Pete Howard - ds

Former Members:

Mick Jones (g, 7/76-8/83)
Keith Levene (g, 7/76-76)
Mick Gallagher (kb, 1979-?)
Terry Chimes (ds, 7/76-4/77, 6/82-2/83); Nicky "Topper" Headon (ds, 4/77-5/82); Richard Dudanski (ds)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.The Clash
produced by: Micky Foote
2.Give 'Em Enough Rape
produced by: Todd Rundgren
3.London Calling
14.12.1979CBS9 27
produced by: Bill Price/The Clash
12.12.1980CBS19 24
5.Black Market Clash
(mini LP)
11/1980 Epic 74
6.Combat Rock
produced by: Clash
14.05.1982CBS2 7
7.Cut The Crap11/1985 CBS16 88
8.Revolution Rock1987 CBS
9.The Story Of The Clash
3/1988 CBS7 142
10.The Clash On Broadway
(3CD box set in the USA)
6/1991 Epic
11.The Singles11/1991 CBS68
12.Super Black Market Clash29.11.1993CBS
13.On Broadway
5/1994 CBS
14.From Here To Eternity04.10.1999Columbia13 193
15.The Essential Clash
11.03.2003Epic/Legacy18 99
16.London Calling: 25th Anniversary Legacy Edition21.09.2004Sony26
17.Essential Plus27.09.2005Sony
18.Pearl Harbour '7926.02.2008Sony
19.Live At Shea Stadium03.11.2008Columbia31 93
20.The Clash Hits Back
21.Sound System
22.Raw and Unfiltered09.06.2015Geneve
24.18 Tracks07.10.2016

Nicky "Topper" Headon:

1. Waking Up

Joe Strummer:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Walker2/1988 Virgin
2.Earthquake Weather9/1989 Epic58
4.The Future Is Unwritten14.05.2007Sony BMG
5.Let's Rock Again28.09.2009UMC
6.Live at Acton Town Hall20.11.2012Epitaph
7.Live In London
& The Pogues
8.I Need A Dodge!: Joe Strummer on the Run21.08.2015Tindog Films
9.Only Band That Matters16.10.2015Wienerworld
10.The Interview14.10.2016iOcean Music
11.Joe Strummer 00121.09.2018Ignition30
12.Assembly26.03.2021Dark Horse23

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.White Riot / 197718.03.1977CBS38
2.Remote Controle / London's Burning (live)03.06.1977CBS
3.Complete Control / The City Of The Dead
produced by: Lee Perry/Micky Foote
4.Clash City Rockers / Jail Guitar Doors
produced by: Micky Foote
5.(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais / The Prisoner16.06.1978CBS32
6.Tommy Gun / 1-2, Crush On You11/1978 CBS19
7.English Civil War / Pressure Drop23.02.1979CBS25
8.The Cost Of Living EP
(I Fought The Law / Groovy Times / Gates Of The West / Capital Radio)
9.I Fought The Law / (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
(v USA)
7/1979 Epic
10.London Calling / Armagideon Time
12" + Justice Tonight / Kick It Over
11.Train In Vain (Stand By Me) / London Calling2/1980 Epic 23
12.Bank Robber / Rockers Galore ... UK Tour
produced by: Mikey Dread
13.The Call Up / Stop The World28.11.1980CBS18
14.Hitsville U.K. / Radio One16.01.1981CBS29
15.Hitsville U.K. / Police On My Back
(v USA)
2/1981 Epic
16.The Call-Up / The Magnificent Seven
12" + The Magnificent Dance / The Cool-Out
(v USA)
3/1981 Epic
17.The Magnificent Seven / The Magnificent Dance10.04.1981CBS27
18.This Is Radio Clash / Radio Clash
12" + Outside Broadcast / Radio 5
19.Know Your Rights / First Night Back In London02.04.1982CBS43
20.Rock The Casbah / Long Time Jerk
12" + Mustapha Dance
21.Rock The Casbah / Inoculated City6/1982 Epic 8
22.Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Cool Confusion (or) First Night Back In London7/1982 Epic 45
23.Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Straight To Hell24.09.1982CBS12
24.Complete Control / London Calling / Bankrobber / Clash City Rockers11/1982 CBS
25.The Escapades Of Futura 2000
& Futura 2000
26.House Of The Ju-Ju Queen / Sex Machine
& Janie Jones
09.12.1983Big Beat
27.This Is England / Do It Now
12" + Sex Mad Roar
10/1985 CBS24
28.The 12" Tape EP
(London Calling / The Magnificent Dance / This Is Radio Clash / Rock The Casbah / This Is England / Last Dance)
9/1986 CBS
29.I Fought The Law / The City Of The Dead / 19773/1988 CBS29
30.London Calling / Brand New Cadillac
12" + Rudie Can't Fail
CD + Street Parade
4/1988 CBS46
31.Return To Brixton (remix)
12",CD + The Guns Of Brixton
7/1990 CBS57
32.Should I Stay Or Should I Go / Rush (B.A.D.)
12",CD1 + Protex Blue
CD2 + London Calling / Train In Vain / I Fought The Law
2/1991 CBS1
33.Rock The Casbah / Mustapha Dance
12",CD1 + The Magnificent Dance / This Is Radio Clash
CD2 + Tommy Gun / White Man In Hammersmith Palais / Straight To Hell
4/1991 CBS9
34.London Calling / Brand New Cadillac
12" + Return To Brixton (remix)
CD + The Call-Up
6/1991 CBS64
35.Train In Vain (Stand By Me) / The Right Profile
CD1 + Groovy Times / Gates To The West
CD2 + Death Or Glory
10/1991 CBS
36.Rock The Casbah / Mustapha Dance
37.Disco Exotique Vol 2
(Save Your Love (DITS dub) / The Cool Out (DITS Taking The Fifth edit) / Working For Love Again (DITS dub) / Big City (DITS edit) / Brian Eno (DITS edit))
& World Famous Lobster All Stars & Spaceman & No One Is Receiving & Escape From New York
12.05.2008Disco Exotique
38.Red Angel Dragnet / Rock The Casbah
feat Ranking Roger
06.12.2013Rude Boy

Joe Strummer:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Love Kills / Dum Dum Club7/1986 CBS69
2.Trash City / Theme From A Permanent Record
12",CD + Norfitili Rock
6/1988 Epic76
3.Gangsterville / Jewellers And Bums
7" + Passport To Detroit / Punk Rock Blues
12",CD + Don't Tango With My Django
8/1989 Epic91
4.Island Hopping / Cholo Vest
12",CD + Mango Street / Baby O'Boogie
10/1989 Epic
5.Yalla Yalla23.08.1999
6.Tennessee Rain29.08.2005Astralwerks
7.The Harder They Come / Rudi, A Message To You15.07.2009

Paul Simonon:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Return To Brixton1990 CBS

Nicky "Topper" Headon:

1. Drumming Man (7/85) [GB 90.]
2. Leave It To Luck (10/85) [GB 92.]


1. The Story Of The Clash - 1991, CBS
2. This Is Video Clash - ?, SMV, 34 min
3. Westway To The World - 9/1999, Sony Music Video, 78 min
4. The Essential Clash DVD - 10.06.2003, Epic, 120 min
5. The Clash Live: Revolution Rock - 15.04.2008, Epic/Legacy, prod. by Don Letts, 82 min.
6. The Rise & Fall Of The Clash - 06.03.2014, UDR
7. Talking Dirty - 11.11.2016, I.V. Media, & Joe Strummer

Joe Strummer:

1. The Future Is Unwritten - 28.07.2008, Legacy
2. Talking Dirty - 11.11.2016, I.V. Media, & The Clash


1. Rude Boy (1979, directed by Jack Hazan/David Mingay)
2. Punk Rock Movie (7/1982, directed by Don Letts)
3. Clash On Broadway (9/1982, directed by Don Letts)
4. Straight To Hell (1985, starring Joe Strummer, directed by Alex Cox)
5. Walker (music by/starring Joe Strummer)
6. Candy Mountains (1987, starring Joe Strummer)
7. Mystery Train (1989, starring Joe Strummer, directed by Jim Jarmusch)
8. Lost In Space (1989, starring Joe Strummer)
9. I Hired A Contract Killer (1990, starring Joe Strummer, directed by Aki Kaurismäki)
10. Westway To The World (9/99, documentary, directed by Don Letts)
11. Let's Rock Again (5/2004, documentary, directed by Joe Strummer)
12. The Future Is Unwritten (5/2007, Joe Strummer documentary, directed by Julien Temple)


The Clash Songbook (9/78, Wise Publications)
John Tober & Miles: The Clash (5/84, Omnibus Press)
Pat Gilbert: Passion is a Fashion: The Real Story of The Clash (11.11.2004, biografie)
Chris Salewicz: Redemption Song (2.10.2006, Joe Strummer biografie)
Vince White: Out of Control: The Last Days of The Clash (2007)
The Clash By The Clash (3.10.2008)


1993 New Musical Express Writers No. 7 Album Of All Time ("London Calling")
Rolling Stone - Best Album 80. let ("London Calling")
2002 New Musical Express Greatest Single Of All Time #10 ("London Calling")
2003 Rock'n'Roll Hall Of Fame
2003 New Musical Express Carling Awards - Godlike Genius
2007 Grammy Hall Of Fame (LP "London Calling", 1979)
2014 NME Awards - Best Reissue ("Sound System")

WWW Links:


1. show 29.8.1976 Islington
8/1977 bootleg "Take It Or Leave It"

Compilation Appearances:

"Janie Jones" / "I'm So Bored With The U.S.A." on OST "Bringing Out The Dead" (19.10.99)
"Janie Jones" on OST "24 Hour Party People" (8.4.02, London)
"Know Your Rights" on compilation "Songs and Artists That Inspired Fahrenheit 9/11" (5.10.04, Epic Soundtrax)
"Rock The Casbah" on compilation "Teenage Kicks" (4.4.05)
"Complete Control" on compilation "John Peel - A Tribute" (17.10.05)
"White Riot" / "I'm So Bored With The U.S.A." / "Armagideon Time" / (In The) Pouring Rain" on OST "The Future Is Unwritten" (3.4.07, Legacy)

Joe Strummer:

cca 1989 backedná kapela Zander Schloss (g), Ronnie Marshall (bg), Jack Irons (ds)
cca 1999 own label Casbah

Compilation Appearances:

"It's A Rockin' World" on OST "Chef Aid: The South Park Album" (24.11.98, Columbia, & DJ Bonebrake)
"Island Hopping" on compilation "The Record Shop - 30 Years Of Rough Trade Shops" (25.9.06, Rough Trade)
"Filibustero" / "Johnny Appleseed" on OST "The Future Is Unwritten" (3.4.07, Legacy)

produced by LP:
The Pogues: Hell's Ditch (1990, Pogue Mahone)

appeared on the SP:
The Pogues: Tuesday Morning (2.8.93, WB)
The Levellers: Just The One (11.12.95, China)
Black Grape: England's Irie (3.6.96, Radioactive)

appeared on the LP:
"Kerouac: Kicks Joy Darkness (A Spoken Word Tribute With Music)" (3/97, Rykodisc)
Horace Andy: Living In The Flood (29.2.00, Astralwerks)
Jools Holland: Small World Big Band (19.11.01, WSM)
Jimmy Cliff: Black Magic (24.8.04, Artemis)


2000 Q Awards - Inspiration Award
2001 Ivor Novello Awards - Outstanding Contribution To British Music

Topper Headon:

Compilation Appearances:

"White Riot" on The Clash tribute CD "Burning London" (3.5.99, Columbia, & The Afghan Whigs)

appeared on the LP:
Ian Hunter: Short Back And Sides (8/81, Chrysalis)

produced by SP:
Bush Tetras: Rituals EP (4.12.81, Fetish)

Terry Chimes:

appeared on the LP:

Blowzabella: In Colour (12.5.83)

Paul Simonon:

1983 married Pearl Harbour

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