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*  1995

Line-Up (2009):

AIR (photo)

Nicholas Godin - kb,g,perc
Jean Benoit Dunckel - kb,g,perc

Former Members:

Jason Falkner (bg, 4/01 g.a.)
David Palmer (kb, cca 9/04 g.a.)
Brian Reitzell (ds, 4/01 g.a.); Earl Harvin (ds,bg, cca 9/04 g.a.)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Moon Safari
produced by: Jean-Benont Dunckel/Nicolas Godin
2.Premiers Symptomes16.02.1998Source12
3.The Virgin Suicides
produced by: Air
28.02.2000Virgin14 161
4.10,000 Hz Legend28.05.2001Virgin7 88
5.Everybody Hertz19.02.2002Astralwerks67
6.City Reading (Tre Storie Western)
produced by: Air
7.Talkie Walkie
produced by: Nigel Godrich
26.01.2004Astralwerks2 61
8.Late Night Tales11.09.2006Azuli
9.Pocket Symphony
produced by: Nigel Godrich
05.03.2007Virgin22 40
10.Moon Safari 10th Anniversary Special Edition
11.Love 2
produced by: Air
05.10.2009Virgin36 100
12.La Voyage Dans La Lune06.02.2012Virgin35 57
13.LateNightTales: Air13.11.2015LateNightTales

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
2.Casanova 709/1996 Source Lab
3.Singles EP29.07.1997Caroline
4.Le Soleil Est Pres De Moi22.09.1997Source Lab
5.Sexy Boy / Jeanne09.02.1998Virgin13
6.Kelly Watch The Stars04.05.1998Virgin18
7.Casanova 70 / Les Professionels16.02.1998Source
8.Sexy Boy16.02.1998Source
9.All I Need / Kelly Watch The Stars!09.11.1998Virgin29
10.Playground Love / Highschool Lover
& Gordon Tracks
11.Radio #1 / Flowerhead21.05.2001Virgin31
12.Don't Be Light25.02.2002Virgin
Don't Be Light (edit, Mr Oizo remix, The Hacker remix)25.02.2002Virgin
13.People In The City / The Way You Look Tonight25.02.2002Virgin
14.Cherry Blossom Girl / Fanny (CBG demo)12.01.2004Astralwerks
15.Surfing On A Rocket / Alpha Beta Gaga19.04.2004Virgin
16.Alpha Beta Gaga09.08.2004Source/Virgin44
17.Surfing on a Rocket EP19.10.2004Astralwerks
18.Once Upon A Time / High Point12.03.2007Virgin
19.Mer Du Japon02.07.2007EMI
20.Do The Joy07.07.2009
21.Sing Sang Sung24.08.2009
22.Land Me EP06.11.2013
23.Playground Love / Highschool Lover29.04.2015Rhino
24.Adis Abebah27.05.2016Parlophone
25.People In The City12.06.2021


1. Eating, Sleeping, Waiting & Playing - 28.2.2000, Virgin, documentary


1998 Saints And Sinners Muzik Dance Awards - Best Album ("Moon Safari")


Compilation Appearances:

"Casanova '70 (The Secret Of Cool / Brendan Lynch remix)" on compilation "Rarewerks" (23.1.01, Astralwerks)
"Radio #1" on compilation "Sounds Eclectic Too" (24.9.02, Palm)
"Alone In Kyoto" on OST "Lost In Translation" (2003)
"Surfing On A Rocket" on compilation "MTV2 Presents: The 2004 Shortlist Nominees" (2.11.04, Razor & Tie)
"Il Secondo Giorno" on OST "Marie Antoinette" (10.10.06, Verve Forecast)
"So Light Is Her Footfall' (Breakbot Remix)" on Haiti benefit CD "Hear To Help" (24.2.10)

11/2000 own label The Record Makers

appeared on the LP:
Charlotte Gainsbourg: 5:55 (28.8.06)

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