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Personal Data:

Born: 21.08.1938 (Houston, Texas, USA, as Kenneth Donald Rogers)
ROGERS Kenny (photo)


? New Christy Minstrels
ex First Edition

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town
& The First Edition
2.Tell It All Brother
& The First Edition
12/1970 Reprise
3.Love Lifted Me1974
4.Kenny Rogers
produced by: Kenny Rogers
1975 United Artists14
5.Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
& The First Edition
1/1975 Star Collection
6.Daytime Friends19.08.1977United Artists
7.Ten Years Of Gold2/1978 United Artists 30
8.Every Time Two Fools Collide
& Dottie West
5/1978 United Artists
9.Love Or Something Like It14.07.1978United Artists
& Dottie West
11.The Gambler5/1979 United Artists 8
12.Singles Album9/1979 United Artists12
13.Kenny10/1979 United Artists7 6
14.Shine Out1980
15.Gideon5/1980 United Artists 12
16.Greatest Hits10/1980 1
17.Lady1/1981 40
18.Share Your Love
produced by: Lionel Richie
6/1981 Liberty 3
20.Love Will Turn You Around8/1982 Liberty 19
21.We've Got Tonight1983
22.Eyes That See In The Dark09.09.1983RCA53 6
23.Twenty Greatest Hits10/1983 Liberty 22
24.The Best Of Kenny Rogers1984
25.Duets With Kim Carnes, Sheena Easton5/1984 85
26.What About Me9/1984 RCA97 31
27.Once Upon A Christmas
& Dolly Parton
12/1984 RCA 31
28.Short Stories1985
29.Love Is What You Make It4/1985 145
30.The Kenny Rogers Story7/1985 4
31.The Heart Of The Matter10/1985 RCA 51
32.Hit Singles Collection1986
33.They Don't Make Them Like They Used To12/1986 137
34.I Prefer The Moonlight9/1987 163
35.Greatest Hits1988
37.Something Inside So Strong5/1989 141
38.Christmas In America12/1989 119
39.Love Is Strange1990
40.Back Home Again1/1992 Reprise
41.Lucille1992 JDC
42.Daytime Friends - The Very Best Of Kenny Rogers9/1993 EMI16
43.The Best of Kenny Rogers16.10.1995Capitol
44.With Love
produced by: Jim McKell/Bergen White
06.05.1996CMC 119
45.The Gift11/1996 Magnatone 63
46.The Decade Of Hits17.03.1997WEA
47.Across My Heart7/1997 193
48.Love Songs11/1997 Virgin27
49.Islands In The Stream: Greatest Hits 1980-9012.10.1998
50.Always And Forever09.11.19982CD
51.Christmas From The Heart12/1998 164
52.Love Collection16.03.1999
53.Kenny Rogers11.05.1999
54.She Rides Wild Horses11.05.1999Dreamcatcher 60
55.All The Hits & All New Love Songs
56.Through The Years
(4CD box set)
57.Greatest Hits: 1983-198815.06.1999
58.She Believes in Me29.02.2000
59.There You Go Again03.10.2000Dreamcatcher 121
60.Greatest Country Hits, Vol. 327.03.2001Atlantic
61.Best of Inspirational08.05.2001Atlantic
62.Always Leaving09.10.2001Starburst
63.Classic Love Songs06.11.2001Crimson Productions
64.Sing You A Sad Song11.12.2001Starburst
65.For the Good Times [Town Sound]29.01.2002Orpheus
66.Kenny Rogers03.09.2002Columbia River
67.Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town25.02.2003Planet Media
68.Back To The Well3/2003 Sanctuary100
69.Best Of Kenny Rogers15.04.2003Collectables
70.Kenny Rogers Love Songs01.07.2003Madacy
71.For the Good Times30.09.2003Dynamic
72.Hit Single Collection09.03.2004Empire Hmn
73.20th Century Masters - Millennium Collection09.03.2004Hip-O
& The First Edition
75.Love Songs06.04.2004Madacy
76.42 Ultimate Hits01.06.2004Capitol 39
77.Country Legends29.06.2004St. Clair
78.Me & Bobby McGee27.07.2004Delta
79.Buried Treasure17.08.2004Sanctuary
80.Real Men of Country
& Glen Campbell
28.09.2004Platinum Disc
81.Merle Haggard / Kenny Rogers
& Merle Haggard
28.09.2004Platinum Disc
82.Calico Silver12.10.2004Kala
83.Beginnings of an Icon02.11.2004American Legends
& First Edition
85.Best of Kenny Rogers16.11.2004Liquid 8
86.This Is Gold07.12.2004Disky
87.Best of Kenny Rogers01.03.2005St. Clair
88.Classic Love Songs07.06.2005Crimson Productions
89.Country Collection07.06.2005Prism Platinum
90.If Only My Heart Had a Voice14.06.2005Collectables
91.Legends: Kenny Rogers and the First Edition05.07.2005Direct Source
92.Love Songs05.07.2005Madacy
93.Best Of Kenny Rogers02.08.2005Capitol
94.Classic Collection27.09.2005Metro
95.Best Of Kenny Rogers18.10.2005Intercontinental
96.Something's Burning
& The First Edition
13.12.2005Masked Weasel
97.Kenny Rogers: 21 Number Ones24.01.2006Capitol Nashville 24
98.American Classic Songbook31.01.2006Artemis
99.Best Of Kenny Rogers31.01.2006Direct Source
100.Golden Legends: Kenny Rogers28.02.2006Madacy
101.Water And Bridges21.03.2006Capitol Nashville 14
102.Very Best of Kenny Rogers02.05.2006Mastersong
103.Puppy Love and Ruby
& Dolly Parton
105.Through the Years18.07.2006Madacy
106.Very Best of Kenny Rogers08.08.2006EMI
107.Kenny Rogers08.08.2006Direct Source
108.18 Greatest
& The First Edition
08.08.2006Direct Source
109.Christmas Collection15.08.2006Madacy
110.Country Collection19.09.2006United States Dist
111.Kenny Rogers21.11.2006Madacy
112.Superstar Series
& Dolly Parton
113.Best of Kenny Rogers30.01.2007Madacy
114.Forever Gold13.03.2007St. Clair
115.20 Great Years20.03.2007Reprise
116.Greatest Hits02.04.2007
117.Golden Legends: Kenny Rogers14.08.2007Madacy Special Mkts
118.Country Biography11.09.2007United Multi Consign
& The First Edition
25.09.2007Direct Source
120.Kenny Rogers16.10.2007St. Clair
121.Love Songs: Collection15.01.2008Capitol47
123.25 Best: Kenny Rogers27.05.2008Madacy Special Mkts
124.10 Years of Gold30.09.2008Collectables
125.Love Songs, Vol. 230.09.2008Collectables
126.Kenny Rogers Special25.08.2009EQ
127.I Will Always Love You25.09.2009
128.Kenny Rogers: The First 50 Years27.10.2009Time Life
129.Kenny Rogers: The Greatest Duets27.10.2009Time Life
130.10 Great Songs12.01.2010Capitol
132.The Love Of God3/2011 Cracker Barrel 27
133.Amazing Grace09.10.2012Gaither Music Group
134.Original Artists Discovery Vaults29.01.2013eOne
136.You Can't Make Old Friends08.10.2013Warner Bros 43
137.Golden Hits Collection05.11.2013
138.Special Edition: Country Legend11.02.2014AAO Music
139.Icon, Vol. 211.03.2014Capitol
140.Millennium Collection: 20th Century Masters - Kenny Rogers01.04.2014Universal
142.Golden Hits26.09.2014Country Roads
143.Les Plus Grands26.03.2015
144.Lucille: The Collection5/2015 Spectrum
145.Live in Concert
& Dolly Parton
07.08.2015Laser Media
146.Once Again It's Christmas25.09.2015Warner Bros 197
147.Live Vegas '7211.12.2015Maplewood
148.The Classic Years07.10.2016Stargrove
149.The Very Best of Kenny Rogers04.11.2016Not Now Music

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Just Dropped In?
2.Sail Away?
3.Crazy Feeling1958
4.Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town
& The First Edition
5/1969 Reprise1 6
5.Ruben James
& The First Edition
9/1969 Reprise 26
6.Something's Burning
& The First Edition
1/1970 Reprise8 11
7.Tell It All, Brother
& The First Edition
6/1970 Reprise 17
8.Heed the Call
& The First Edition
10/1970 Reprise 33
9.Someone Who Cares
& The First Edition
3/1971 Reprise 51
10.Take My Hand
& The First Edition
6/1971 Reprise 91
11.School Teacher
& The First Edition
3/1972 Reprise 91
12.Love Lifted Me1/1976 United Artists 97
13.Laura (What's He Got That I Ain't Got)11/1976 United Artists
produced by: Larry Butler
2/1977 United Artists1 5
15.Daytime Friends7/1977 United Artists39 28
16.Sweet Music Man21.10.1977United Artists 44
17.Every Time Two Fools Collide
& Dottie West
24.02.1978United Artists 101
18.Love Or Something Like It5/1978 United Artists 32
19.Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight
& Dottie West
9/1978 United Artists
20.The Gambler10/1978 United Artists 13
21.All I Need Is You
& Dottie West
3/1979 United Artists 102
22.She Believes in Me4/1979 United Artists42 5
23.Till I Can Make It On My Own
& Dottie West
7/1979 United Artists
24.You Decorated My Life9/1979 United Artists 7
25.Coward of the Country11/1979 United Artists1 1
26.Don't Fall In Love With A Dreamer
& Kim Carnes
3/1980 United Artists1 4
27.Love The World Away6/1980 United Artists 14
produced by: Lionel Richie
9/1980 Liberty12 1
29.What Are We Doin' In Love
& Dottie West
3/1981 Liberty 14
30.I Don't Need You6/1981 Liberty 3
31.Share Your Love With Me8/1981 Liberty 14
32.Blaze Of Glory11/1981 Liberty 66
33.Through The Years12/1981 Liberty 12
34.The Long Arm Of The Law26.02.1982Liberty
35.Love Will Turn You Around6/1982 Liberty 12
36.A Love Song10/1982 Liberty 47
37.We've Got Tonight
& Sheena Easton
1/1983 Liberty24 6
38.All My Life4/1983 Liberty 37
39.Scarlet Fever8/1983 Liberty 94
40.Islands In The Stream
& Dolly Parton
8/1983 RCA6 1
41.Eyes That See In The Dark9/1983 61
42.This Woman1/1984 RCA 23
43.Eyes That See In The Dark4/1984 79
44.What About Me
& Kim Carnes & James Ingram
9/1984 RCA92 15
45.The Greatest Gift Of All
& Dolly Parton
12/1984 81
46.Christmas Without You
& Dolly Parton
47.Crazy1/1985 79
48.The Gambler4/1985 81
49.Real Love
& Dolly Parton
5/1985 91
50.Morning Desire11/1985 72
51.Make No Mistake, She's Mine
& Ronnie Milsap
1987 RCA
52.Twenty Years Ago6/1987
53.Christmas Without You
& Dolly Parton
54.What I Did For Love1/1991
55.Unchained Melody06.05.1996CMC
56.The Greatest1999 Dreamcatcher
57.Buy Me A Rose
& Alison Krauss & Billy Dean
2/2000 Dreamcatcher 40
58.He Will She Knows8/2000
59.The Hustler
& Coolio
60.Can't Unlove You12/2005 Capitol Nashville 93
61.The Gambler10/2007 Liberty22
62.Islands In The Stream
& Dolly Parton
3/2009 RCA88
63.Jah Put It Deh / Run Come Come
& Prince Jazzbo


1. A&E Live by Request - 23.10.2001, Dreamcatcher, live, 85 min
2. The Gambler - 02.05.2006, Time Life, 3DVD
3. The Journey - 29.09.2006, Goldhil Entertainment


1977 Grammy Awards - Best Country Vocal Performance, Male ("Lucille")
1979 Grammy Awards

- Best Country Vocal Performance, Male ("The Gambler")
- Best Country Song ("You Decorated My Life")
1987 Grammy Awards - Best Country Vocal Performance, Duet (SP "Make No Mistake, She's Mine", & Ronnie Milsap)
1999 RIAA Diamond Award (LP "Kenny Rogers' Greatest Hits", 12 mil. copies)
2001 Academy of Country Music Awards - Career Achievement Award
2013 Country Music Hall Of Fame

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appeared on the LP:

Wyclef Jean: Ecleftic: Two Sides Of The Book (25.7.00, Columbia)
Engelbert Humperdinck: Engelbert Calling (17.3.14)

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