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VIBERT Luke (photo)
cca 1994-cca 2/96 Wagon Christ
cca 1995-cca 2/96 Plug
cca 2007 The Ace Of Clubs

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Big Soup07.07.1997Mo' Wax
2.Stop The Panic
& Bj Cole
31.01.2000Cooking Vinyl
4.Kerrier District26.01.2004Rephlex
5.Lover's Acid19.04.2005Planet Mu
6.Chicago, Detroit, Redruth14.08.2007Planet Mu
7.Moog Acid
& Jean-Jacques Perrey
& Jeremy Simmonds
9.We Hear You07.08.2009Planet Mu
11.Bizarster16.10.2015Planet Mu

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.A Polished Solid8/1995 Mo' Wax138
2.The Taut And Tame
& Tortoise
28.10.1996City Slang
3.Do Unto Others09.06.1997Mo'Wax
4.Drum'n'Bass'n'Steel / Tom'n'Us / Party Animal
& Bj Cole
01.11.1999Law & Auder
5.95-99 EP
(Flyover / Pricktat / Funky Acid Stuff / Analord)
22.05.2000Planet Mu
6.Spring Collection EP
(Aahfternoon / Swing Lite Alright (Metrophonics remix) / Party Animal (Mr Scruff remix))
& BJ Cole
10.07.2000Cooking Vinyl
7.Homewerk / Acid 2000 / Cash'n'Carry Acid / Come On Chaos22.04.2002Planet Mu
8.Synthax / I Love Acid08.09.2003Warp
9.A Polished Solid / Radart / Frogs Belly
22.11.2004Mo Wax
10.Lovers Acid / Orch Garage / Dirty Fucker / Gwithian14.03.2005Planet Mu
11.Moog Acid
& Jean Jacques Perrey
12.Kerrier District 2 EP
(122 BPM / 115 BPM / 110 BPM / 116 BPM / 127 BPM / Ceephax Remix)
13.030303 Part 2
(Compartment Breasts / Prelude In 303 Major / Lost In The Ghetto / Other (Acid Reflux mix) / Marliesje)
& Ceephax Acid Crew & Legowelt & Mr 76ix & Kettel
14.Mate Tron / Asheed / Meatabix / Salacid23.07.2007Planet Mu
15.Rhythm EP One
(Sparky Is A Retard / Rhythm / Eleventy One / Harmonica Sellers)
01.12.2008Sound Of Speed
16.Rhythm EP Two
(Wow! It's Now! / Concertina Turner / Keep Calm & Carry On / A Fine Line)
01.12.2008Sound Of Speed
17.Rhythm EP Three
(Registrarse / James Bond In A Jimmy Hat / So On & So Forth / Croak Flaps)
09.05.2009Sound Of Speed
18.Sound Of Speed Circles Vol 1
(Two In One / Fuchskaffe / Majacid)
& Lee Jones
28.01.2010Sound Of Speed
19.Halloween Part 1 EP
(Halloween / Jack U Whole / Jack U Whole (Space Dimension Controller 1988 Vibe mix))
20.Halloween Part 2 EP
(Istrain / Halloween (Tom Demac remix) / Stabs Of Regret (FaltyDL remix))
21.Africable / Kulira / No Resistance
& With You. & Clap! Clap!
08.07.2016Beating Heart

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