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Personal Data:

Born: (as Josh Davis)
DJ SHADOW (photo)

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Endtroducing ...16.09.1996Mo'Wax17
2.Camel Bobsled Race
(mini LP)
3.Preemptive Strike02.02.1998Mo'Wax 118
4.Live From Austin
4/2002 Proper
5.The Private Press03.06.2002Island8 44
6.Camel Bobsled Race Live Mix
& Q Bert
03.06.2002James Lavelle's
7.The Ultimate Lessons
& Double Dee & Steinski & Shortkut & Cut Chemist
8.The Ultimate Lessons 2
& Double Dee & Steinski & Coldcut & Cut Chemist
& Cut Chemist
10.Diminishing Returns: Party Pak (Live Music In The Mix)30.06.2003
11.Live At ICA
24.11.2003Mind The Gap
12.Live In Tune
13.In Tune and On Time
14.One Night In Bangkok21.03.2005No Shoes Music Group
15.Excessive Ephemera20.03.2006Island
16.Live At Breezeblock
& The Quannum Project
17.The Outsider12.09.2006Island24 77
18.The 4 Track Era Limited Vinyl Edition:Best Of The Original Productions 1990-199213.11.2010DJ
19.The Less You Know The Better29.09.2011Island34 149
20.Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions from the MPC Era 1992-199605.06.2012Traffic Entertainment Group
21.Reconstructed: The Best Of DJ Shadow24.09.2012Island
22.The Mountain Will Fall24.06.2016Mass Appeal19 77
23.Our Pathetic Age15.11.2019Mass Appeal53

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Groove Robber? Mo'Wax
2.Fully Charged On Planet X
& Chief Excel
? Mo'Wax
4.What Does Your Soul Look Like6/1994 Island
5.Lost And Found / Kemuri
& DJ Krush
9/1994 Mo'Wax
6.What Does Your Soul Look Like?27.02.1995Mo'Wax59
7.In / Flux
& Groove Robbers
9/1995 Mo'Wax110
8.Lost And Found
& DJ Krush
9.Midnight In A Perfect World02.09.1996Mo'Wax54
10.Stem / Red Bus Needs To Leave!
CD + Long Stem
28.10.1996Mo Wax74
11.Midnight In A Perfect World (remixes)05.05.1997Mo' Wax
12.High Noon / Organ Donor10.11.1997Mo'Wax22
13.Camel Bobsled Race12/1997 62
14.Hardcore Hip Hop (repress)
& Chief XL
15.What Does Your Soul Look Like08.01.1998Mo'Wax54
16.The Number Song / Painkiller23.02.1998Mo' Wax
17.Dark Days25.09.2000MCA
18.You Can't Go Home Again! / Disavowed / Treach Battle Beat20.05.2002Island30
19.Selections From The Private Press EP
(Walkie Talkie / Mongrel... Meets His Maker / Mashin' On The Motorway (instrumental mix) / Letter From Home)
20.James Lavelle-Global Underground 023 (Barcelona) (The Vibe / Let The Good Times Roll /Hold Back /Next Life /Mongrel Meets His Maker /There Goes The Fear)
& Doves & Sotero & Layo & Bushwacka! & Force Mass Motion & Dylan Rhymes & Meat Katie
30.09.2002Global Underground
21.Six Days (Bad Company vs Fresh remix)07.10.2002Island28
Six Days / 100 Metre Dash21.10.2002Island
22.Mashin' On The Motorway EP
(Right Thing (Z-Trip "Set The Party Off In Three Parts" mix) / Six Days (Soulwax remix) / GDMFSOB (Unkle "Uncensored" mix) / Walkie Talkie (radio edit, video) / Mashin' On The Motorway (radio edit, video))
23.James Lavelle: Rominia #026 (No One Knows (UNKLE reconstruction) / Flow (False Prophet mix) / GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored mix) / Reign / Invasion (Medway's Eva Coast To Coast mix) / Golden Path (Ewan's Rave Hell dub))
& Unkle & Chemical Brothers & Queens Of The Stone Age & PFN
01.03.2004Global Underground
24.Keepintime 12 Series: Part 2 of 3
(Bring Madlib Up / Entrando Pela Janela: Through The Window / You Can Know Her)
& Madlib & Nobody & Mia Doi Todd & J Rocc
22.11.2004Up Above
25.We Might As Well Be Strangers
vs Keane
26.Enuff / Turf Dancing
feat Q Tip & Lateef The Truth Speaker
27.This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way) / Love Love15.01.2007Universal54
28.Bay Area EP
(3 Freaks / Droop-E-Drop / Turf Dancing / Keep Em Close / Purple Grapes)
10.09.2007DJ Shadow
29.4 Track Remixes (Shakiyla (DJ Shadow remix) / Bubble Gum Beat / Give Your Love To Me (DJ Shadow remix) / The Stopper (DJ Shadow remix) / No Tricks (DJ Shadow remix) / Wordz Of Wisdom (DJ Shadow remix))
& Poor Righteous Teachers & TKA & Cutty Ranks & Latee & 3rd Bass
30.Unreleased Remixes Of Organ Donor EP
(Organ Donor / Organ Donor (Flirtphonic remix) / Organ Donor (Hawkeye Hyphy edit) / Organ Donor (Golden remix) / Six Days (Bad Company vs Fresh mix) / Six Days (Soul Wax mix) / Six Days (instrumental))
30.12.2010Hip Hop Classic
31.I Gotta Rokk / I've Been Trying / Def Surrounds Us / I've Been Trying (Various I'm Done Trying mix)17.08.2011Mo Wax
32.I'm Excited05.09.2011
33.Scale It Back
feat Little Dragon
feat Terry Reid
35.The Liquid Amber EP
(Ghost Town / Mob / Six Days (Machinedrum Remix))
36.Stem / Long Stem26.08.2016Def Jam
37.Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt30.09.2016Island
38.Mutual Slump21.10.2016Island
39.The Mountain Has Fallen EP07.07.2017

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