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Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Belle Isle Tech27.03.2000Mo Wax
2.Jefferson Ave24.07.2001Never
3.Belle Isle Tech 2: A Continuous Mix Of Accelerated Funk!06.12.2004Jefferson Ave LLC

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.The Return Of Terrortec8/1997 Assault Rifle
2.Belle Isle Tech EP14.02.2000Mo Wax
3.Belle Isle Tech EP 2
(Disco Guitar remix / Funky Bitch / Crank This Mutha)
28.02.2000Mo Wax
4.The Hot Shit EP
(So Scandalous / Say My Name)
24.07.2000Assault Rifle
5.Off The Chain EP
(Yo Relatives / Sometimes)
06.11.2000Intuit Solar
6.Ass-n-Titties 2001 / Werve Pulled Out (radio edit) / Bounce (radio edit)14.05.2001Intuit Solar
7.Strickly 4 The Tricks / Suck My Toe (radio edit) / Fuck You Hoe (instrumental)14.05.2001Intuit Solar
8.Love The Pussy / G-String (club, radio, instrumental mixes)22.10.2001Intuit Solar
9.Nipples-n-Clits / Clitrumental / Ride It Bitch / Ride It Baby (radio edit) / Ride It (instrumental)12.11.2001Intuit Solar
10.Freaky Bitches / Bounce That Ass
& DJ Godfather & Andrea Parker
11.02.2002Touchin Bass
11.Hoes Get Naked EP
(Sweet Potato Pie / Let Me C U Pop / Hoes Get Naked)
12.Sumthin' 2 Shake Yo Azz 2 EP
(Bangin' The Beat / Bangapella / The Rapture / Sumthin' 2 Shake Yo Azz 2 (street, clean, instrumental mixes))
27.05.2002Jefferson Ave LLC
13.Ass-N-Titties / Gel-N-Weave / I See Booty (dub) / Return Of The Terror Tec05.08.2002Databass
14.The Take It In The Face EP
(Take It In The Face (dub) / In Those Jeans (instrumental) / Surgery (remix) / Let Me C U Pop / My Caddy / Check Stub)
08.03.2004Jefferson Ave LLC
15.The Stripper Beats EP
(We've Pulled Out / Let's Get (Freaky Tonite) / The 66th Book / Hoes Get Naked (clean mix) / Hoes Get Naked (dirty mix) / Get It Right)
06.12.2004Jefferson Ave LLC
16.Le Me See / Get Your Clothes Off Get Naked21.02.2005Dirty Musik
17.I'm Nigga / Work It, Shake It / Like That / Make It Bounce26.09.2005Dirty Musik
18.G String17.10.2005Bounce/Rat
19.One In The Front
& DJ D**kline & Red Polo
28.05.2007Booty Breaks
20.Freaky Bitches (First Installment) (Alpha 606 Perreta remix, Kero remix, Theweedjs Touchin' Boobs mix, Ed Devane Tricked Out remix)
& DJ Godfather & Andrea Parker
02.06.2008Touchin Bass
Freaky Bitches (Michna remix, Clatterbox remix, Justin Maxwell remix, Lcedp remix, Mira Calix & Oliver Coates' VC Bitch mix) (Second Installment)
& DJ Godfather & Andrea Parker
06.10.2008Touchin Bass
21.Solid Sounds Sampler (Let's Make Nasty (Afrojack remix) / Enjoy Music / I'm In The House (Sharam Love Fest mix) / Real Smooth (Krafty Kuts remix))
& Larry Tee & Roxy Cottontail & Reboot & Steve Aoki & Zuper Blahq
27.01.2010La Musique Fait La Force
22.Supply N Demand Vol 2 EP
(How U Like This / Wha' U Got)
09.12.2014Supply N Demand

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