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Manchester, GB
*  1993

Line-Up (2015):


Ed Simons - kb
Tom Rowlands

Albums Discography:

#TitleRelease DateLabelTypeUKUSA
1.Song To The Siren
produced by: Andrew Weatherall
2.Exit Planet Dust6/1995 Junior Boy's Own9
3.Dig Your Own Hole
produced by: Chemical Brothers
07.04.1997Freestyle Dust/Virgin1 14
4.Chemical Reaction03.11.1997Afrodesia Music
5.Brother's Gonna Work It Out: A DJ Mix Album21.09.1998Virgin 95
6.Surrender21.06.1999Freestyle Dust1 32
7.Come With Us28.01.2002Freestyle Dust1 32
8.The Singles 1993-0330.09.2003Freestyle Dust9 123
9.Push The Button24.01.2005Virgin1 59
10.We Are The Night18.06.2007Freestyle Dust/Virgin1 65
11.Holiday Gift Pack20.11.2007Virgin
12.Brotherhood - The Definitive Singles Collection
13.Further14.06.2010Freestyle Dust 63
14.Hanna04.07.2011Back Lot
15.Don't Think3/2012 Virgin
16.This is Not a Game21.10.2014Mockingjay
17.Born In The Echoes17.07.2015Virgin EMI1 73
18.No Geography12.04.2019Virgin4

Singles Discography:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Song To The Siren1992
2.Fourteenth Century Sky
(Chemical Beats / One Too Many Mornings / Her Jazz)
3.My Mercury Mouth EP06.06.1994Junior Boy's Own
4.Tow Truck
& Sabres Of Paradise & Depth Charge
5.Leave Home / Let Me In Mate05.06.1995Junior Boy's Own17
6.Life Is Sweet28.08.1995Junior Boy's Own25
7.Loops Of Fury15.01.1996Junior Boy's Own13
8.Setting Sun30.09.1996Freestyle Dust1 80
9.block rockin' beats10.03.1997Virgin1
10.Elektrobank / Not Another Drugstore08.09.1997Freestyle Dust/Virgin17
11.The Private Psychedelic Reel15.12.1997Freestyle Dust/Virgin
12.The Private Psychedelic Reel / Setting Sun (live)11.05.1998Virgin
13.Hey Boy Hey Girl / Flashback / Scale31.05.1999Freestyle Dust3
14.Let Forever Be / The Diamond Sky / Studio K02.08.1999Virgin9
15.Out Of Control / Power Move04.10.1999Virgin21
Out Of Control (Sasha remix)18.10.1999
16.Music: Response / Freak Of The Week / Enjoyed / Piku Playground (live) / Setting Sun (live)31.01.2000Virgin Japan
17.It Began In Africa / Hot Acid Rhythm 111.09.2001Freestyle Dust8
18.Star Guitar / The Test / The State We're In14.01.2002Freestyle Dust8
19.Here To Stay
& New Order
20.Come With Us / The Test
12" + Come With Us (Fatboy Slim remix) / HIA
CD + Come With Us (edit, Fatboy Slim remix) / The Test (edit)
& Richard Ashcroft
22.04.2002Freestyle Dust/Virgin14
21.Hey Boy Hey Girl / Flashback / Scale
22.The Golden Path / Nude Night
CD + The Golden Path (Ewan Pearson extended vocal mix)
DVD + The Golden Path / Dexter's International Scribble Mix
& Flaming Lips
23.Get Yourself High / Electronic Battle Weapon 624.11.2003Freestyle Dust/Virgin
24.James Lavelle: Rominia #026
(No One Knows (UNKLE reconstruction) / Flow (False Prophet mix) / GDMFSOB (UNKLE Uncensored mix) / Reign / Invasion (Medway's Eva Coast To Coast mix) / Golden Path (Ewan's Rave Hell dub))
& PFN & DJ Shadow & Unkle & Queens Of The Stone Age
01.03.2004Global Underground
25.Galvanise / Rise Up
feat Q Tip
12" + Battle Weapon 717.01.2005Virgin3
CD1 + Electronic Battle Weapon 717.01.2005Virgin
CD2 + Rize Up17.01.2005Virgin
26.Believe / Galvanize
12" + Galvanize (Abe Duque remix) / Giant
CD1 + Giant
CD2 + Spring / Believe (Erol Alkan's Feel Me re-work)
27.The Boxer / Giant / Believe (Erol Alkan's Feel Me rework) / Spring / Believe (Matthew Jonson remix)11.07.2005Astralwerks41
The Boxer / Swiper / The Boxer (DFA version)11.07.2005EMI
28.Electronic Battle Weapon 8 & 925.12.2006EMI
29.Do It Again / No Need
12" + Clip Kiss
CD + Do It Again (Oliver Huntermann remix)
feat Ali Love
30.The Salmon Dance / Electronic Battle Weapon 817.09.2007Virgin27
31.We Are The Night03.12.2007Virgin
32.Midnight Madness19.08.2008Astralwerks80
33.Welcome To The Black Parade11/2008 90
34.Escape Velocity15.04.2010EMI
35.Swoon5/2010 Parlophone85
Swoon / Horse Power (Popof remix)19.08.2010EMI
36.Velodrome7/2012 UMC
feat. Q-Tip
39.Got To Keep On2/2019 Virgin
40.We've Got To Try3/2019
41.No Geography4/2019 Virgin

Tom Rowlands:

#SP/EP TitleRelease DateLabelUKUSA
1.Through Me / Nothing But Pleasure19.04.2013Phantasy Sound


1. Don't Think (26.1.2012, directed by Adam Smith, live)


1997 Grammy Awards - Best Rock Instrumental Performance (track "Block Rockin' Beats")
1998 Saints And Sinners Muzik Dance Awards - Best Compilation ("Brothers Gonna Work It Out")
1998 New Musical Express Readers' Poll - Best Dance Act #3
1999 Muzik Magazine Dance Awards

- Best Live Act
- Best Album ("Surrender")
1999 Rock&Pop Rock Awards - Best International Song ("Hey Boy, Hey Girl")
1999 New Musical Express Readers' Poll - Best Dance Act
2000 Brit Awards - Best British Dance Act
2004 DanceStar USA - Best International Act
2005 MTV Europe Awards - Best Video ("Believe")
2005 Grammy Awards
- Best Dance Recording (track "Galvanize", featuring Q-Tip)
- Best Electronic/Dance Album ("Push The Button")
2007 BT Digital Music Awards - Best Electronic Artist or DJ
2007 Grammy Awards - Best Electronic/Dance Album ("We Are The Night")
2010 Q Awards - Hero
2014 Ivor Novello Awards - Outstanding Song Collection
2020 Grammy Awards
- Best Dance Recording ("Got To Keep On")
- Best Dance/Electronic Album ("No Geography")

WWW Links:


1993-2/95 Dust Brothers

Compilation Appearances:

"Settin' Son" on LP "Rock The Dock" (7.9.98, Creation)
"One Too Many Mornings" on Foundation For The Preservation Of The Mahayana Tradition benefit compilation "Mantra Mix" (24.10.00, Narada World)
"Out Of Control (Sasha instrumental mix)" on compilation "Rarewerks" (23.1.01, Astralwerks)
"Leave Home" on "SSX 3" game soundtrack (30.9.03, Astralwerks)
"Keeping My Composure" on OST "Heroes" (18.3.08, NBC, featuring Spank Rock)

produced by LP:
Vince Neil: Pirate Radio (19.6.95, Warner Bros)

produced by SP:
Primal Scream: Swastika Eyes (War Pigs) (1.11.99, Creation)

appeared on the LP:
John Lydon: Psycho's Path (17.6.97, Virgin)
Beth Orton: Daybreaker (30.7.02, Heavenly)

on the LP "Surrender " (6/99) appeared:
Barney Sumner (voc), Bobby Gillespie (voc), Hope Sandoval (voc), Noel Gallagher (voc,g), Jonathan Donahue

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